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Vulcan 900 WIRING


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Hello all.. I was hoping for an experienced (here is the right answer not a you should be able to answer)


I have setup my 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom so that there is a second (accessory) fuse panel under the seat, see pic below.  Currently a direct power cable from the battery to a common post on the "new" fuse panel is being used and everything is working just fine... BUT!!!


I would like to wire this "new" fuse panel to a "switched" wire, meaning when I turn off my ignition key the power is cut to this "new" fuse panel.  I want to make sure all my accessories have no chance of accidentally being left on and draining my battery. 




Do I need to worry which "switched" wire I tap into?  Remember the "switched" wire I am tapping into is going to power a fuse panel with the potential of 6 accessories... currently on 4 are being used with a total fuse amp of 40 amps.  (4 X 10amp fuses)


Do I also need to put on a relay in between the switched wire and the positive post of the new fuse panel?


Thank you.



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