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Checkmytour smartphone app


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I have found this app, but have yet to play with it much, which give you track your ride, post your ride, photos and videos to social media sites.

Below is a youtube video for the app and a brief description.


Based on GPS, the CheckMyTour mobile app allows you to track your trip automatically, to record all your activities, to memorize all your comments and photos, and to publish it all as your personalized Tour Book in the CheckMyTour portal. If you agree to, your location, the route of your trip and your activities while on tour are shared not only with the CheckMyTour community but also with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The CheckMyTour portal helps you to manage and organize the collection of all your tours in a Tour Book of your own, to find new tours and places worth visiting, to get in touch with other like-minded people, to hear about their experiences and recommendations, and to stay in touch with them after a joint tour.

*I have no vested interest in this app or company, this is just information I found and thought many members would like to know about it*

*Remember using an app like this will increase the data you are using on your network which may increase your cost depending on your account limits*

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