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Kuryakyn Powerpoint Installation guide


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I bought myself a beautiful Kuryakyn 12v powerpoint accessories outlet in order to be able to plug in a GPS when I go on my Ottawa to the Rockies adventure this June. The unit is expensive - $90.00 - but it is by far the nicest one I have seen - and waterproof to boot. I then decided to install it myself and save a few bucks. Below is a link to my photobucket step-by-step installation guide. Hope someone finds it useful.

http://s1118.photobucket.com/albums/k60 ... tallation/

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It is proabaly better to wire it to the battery as you did. The supplied wire is probable more suited to the loads you can plug in as its the only thing on the circuit.


The wiring on today's bikes are just suitable for the loads they were designed for and not much more, in order to cut down weight.

Anytime you add to the bikes OEM wiring harness, you are increasing the risk of electrical failure, disabling the bike, possibly miles from home, or a garage to repair it.

Instead, add an aux wiring harness, connected to the battery, with an in-line fuse capable of handling the loads. (30 amp - 10 gauge wiring) and activated by a 30 amp relay, so it shuts off with your ignition key.

If you have a problem with any of your added accessories, it will blow the fuse on that added circuit, but the bike still functions as designed/normal.

On my bike, I have a high output alternator (90 amp) and have added a lot of electrical accessories, hooked up to 2 separate fuse panels, controlled by 2 - 30 amp relays. I do have a couple of always 'hot' 12 v outlets that are fused to the battery.

Here is a schematic of my aux wiring harness I built, for my added accessories. (click on photo to enlarge)



BTW .... nice tutorial, Joe!

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