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What to do after accident - help

Guest black_dog

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Guest black_dog

Morning All,

Last summer I was in an accident (http://canadianmotorcyclecruisers.ca/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=353&t=62612) (speed wobble, no fault accident) Luckily I was very fortunate, no major long term damage to me... still dealing with a sore neck, etc, but considering what could have been, Very fortunate.

My riding bud's arraged to haul my bike back home, and there it sat till winter. I was too sore to deal with it much.

At first inspection it appeared as though most all of the damage was to the crash bars and the handle on the saddle bag.

Total value new, about$500.

So, my initial thought was not to bother making a claim with insurance.


I rode the bike 2 miles to store it for winter, and it had a bit of a shake. I wonder if it might have some frame damage...

I've also wondered if some more physical treatment to me might help.

And, my riding gear is trashed.

So, when I consider the second batch of thoughts, I wonder if maybe I should make a claim.

I don't want to call the insurance company and ask them their thoughts, because then the accident is reported..... and my rates might be affected regardless.

AND - am I too late? Accident was in august.

I'm looking for advice from my fellow CMC'ers, who have been in the insurance industry or from folks who've been through this.

What are your thoughts?

The only comparison I have is my father in law who was in an accident, but it was the fault of another driver - so the other drivers' company paid up. Apples and oranges.

Thoughts, advice, suggestions?

Thank you in advance


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Whenever I want information from my insurance co. I call the general number and ask what their company would do with the scenario and say that I am thinking of changing from my coverage supplier. They are more than willing to answer in hopes of getting you to change to their company. Usually no questions asked about who I am insured with, if they do I just say that I would rather not mention. If worried about call display, I use my cell phone.

Just a thought... just what I do...


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