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Design your own custom-painted motorcycle helmet with Bell


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Bell Powersports is once again innovating in the custom motorcycle helmet scene by starting a program that allows customers to design their own helmet paint job.


For a while now, Bell has been at the forefront of helmet customization, previously debuting a custom-fit helmet system back in 2014. This new custom design program isn’t exactly enabling a free-for-all; you can’t upload your own favourite saucy jpeg and have Bell print it on a helmet for you. Instead, Bell lays out the process as follows:

Step 1: Choose a base design to customize.

Step 2: Customize your individual helmet design.

Step 3: Be sure to fully explore all your color options! Choose your first, second, third, and even fourth color.

Step 4: Optional — add your signature.

Step 5: Choose your size, add to cart, and checkout!

Once you’ve got your design figured out and paid for, Bell employees hand-paint the helmet and ship it to you. That’s definitely a cool, custom touch.

Right now, the helmet customization is available for the Bullitt, Custom 500, Moto-3 and Star MIPS helmets. From what we can figure, the customization will add $200 US to the price of the helmet.


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