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Motorcycle Headlight Aiming


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Getting a correctly aimed headlight is straightforward. You need to make a couple of measure and then aim the light at a flat wall, as follows:


With the bike upright on it's wheels { off the side or centre stand } and your weight in the seat, have a helper measure the distance from the floor to the centre of the headlight lens .


Pick a flat wall where you can locate the bike on level ground so the headlight is 17 feet from the wall . Place a horizontal mark or tape on the wall two [2] inches lower than the height of the centre of the headlight


 With you setting on the bike adjust the vertical screw [usually at the very top or very bottom of a headlight next to the lens but inside a trim ring ] so the flat top of the low beam is just to the line you put on the wall [ a two inch drop at 17 feet ].


The horizontal adjustment [screw will be on the left or right side of the headlight lens] should centre the beam ahead of the line of  the bike.


If you have spotlights use the same procedure to aim them 


Go Ride

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