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Replacing stock grips with Kuryakyn ISO Blacks


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Hi guys


So I'm just waiting for order to come from Royal Distributing.


I ordered Black ISO grips and a Contoured Throttle Boss




My question is this .... What is the BEST WAY to prevent the grip glue from "plowing" into either end of my throttle tube.

I was thinking of maybe putting some vasoline or similar product between the tube and the throttle housing (I would just die if I fused the tube and then had to try getting off my new $100 grips in one piece)


The other issue I can foresee is at the bar end, again glue "could" get pushed between the tube and the bar.


Here are a couple of pics of my throttle. Also I would prefer not to remove the tube etc. so that I could mount the grip to the tube away from the bike etc.







Any help and or suggestions would be much appreciated :)

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