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Searching Outside North America

Mike Aziz


Entry January 25, 2019

So in my search for parts, I came across Jan Willem Boom 7963 RV Ruinen The Netherlands. jw@jwboon.nl.

Lots of items for me but the only thing was that he didn't ship outside of Europe any longer. However, on his comments section of the site, I came across a request from someone in the US for information on parts for his Harley. There had been no response, so I decided reach out to let him know that they didn't ship to the States or Canada. Well thanks to this gentleman, Dusty Booker of Meridian Mississippi, I found another contact. As I said earlier, Dusty is a Harley owner and the owner of Booker Electric HVAC, LLC. Dusty suggested that I contact Tom's NOS Parts in Columbia Station Ohio. Apparently Tom has an agreement with Jan in the Netherlands. The deal was that Jan would only ship parts to Tom. So, I took Dusty's advise and reached out to Tom. He responded and told m to let him know what I needed off of Jan's site in the Netherlands. All I had to give him was descriptions and the part numbers and he would get them for me. I ordered a couple of switches, another flasher and some other wiring harnesses. Tom said that when they came in he would email me and let me know the price. Sure enough the parts arrived and Tom emailed me. I paid him through PayPal and the rest is history.  The parts arrived by mail as promised. As most of you would likely know, searching for parts can be challenging and costly, but it's also satisfying when the parts arrive and you get them in your hands.

Dusty and I exchange the odd message on Facebook from time-to-time and while we aren't obviously close friends, and we have never met, I consider him a friend.

Ok, the next search for a part was not necessary but was something I thought would be neat. I found two Harley Davidson Police decals in Erlanger Kentucky in the US. $17.76 US dollars later, including shipping they arrive via mail.          

What I have to say about my journey so far is that everyone I have met or contacted during my quest for information and or parts has been genuinely interested in helping me with this project. I'm sure all of you have had similar experiences.  

Don't have a lot more to say at this time except that my bike is in my mechanic's shop ready for spring.

Stay tuned for my first look at my bike on delivery day.

Thanks for reading everyone....Mike

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