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Mike Aziz


Update January 18, 2019.

So now I have the Bike, it's with my mechanic and the waiting begins. After a few weeks, I get a call from my mechanic and he says that overall things look pretty good. But there is a but! He tells me that the frame is a bit worse that he thought. He said he will need some time to think about it. He also said that the has a friend who is an expert when it comes to welding and frames. He tells me that it may take a while to get it checked out but if anyone can fix it, his friend can.  After the call, I have to tell you all that I was extremely disappointed. I'm thinking to myself, I have waited all these years to find something and now I may be the proud owner of a 900 plus pound piece of junk. I immediately start searching for a "new" frame. As you can imagine, it's not an easy task. After a while I gave up. 

One day I started thinking that I should send an email to Thunder Road Harley and tell them about the frame. Then I say to myself, why would they care? As a reminder, I bought it as is, where is and uncertified. Although I had asked some questions, I didn't think about the frame. So after further thought, I composed an email to the salesperson I had purchases it from. I told him what my mechanic had told me about the frame and that it would either cost a lot to repair, if at all possible, or I would have to source a frame at substantial cost. I told him that I realized how I had purchased it, but thought he should have mentioned the frame issue. I requested what I thought was a reasonable resolution to the issue. I asked him to refund me $500,00.  A few weeks went by and I did not get a response. I ended up calling the GM of the dealership. I got him on the first try. I told him who I was and started to tell him about the issue. He immediately stopped me and said, yes, the salesperson had talked to him about my email. He further stated that he was making arrangements to send me a cheque for $500.00. I thanked him and ended the call. When I hung up the phone, I was surprised and extremely happy. About a week later, the cheque arrived. I have to say that Thunder Road Harley proved how they have maintained a great reputation!  

About another month or two goes by and my mechanic calls with good news. He says they have prepared the frame. He said it's not going to be "showroom pretty" underneath, but it's now solid again. After that call, I was so thrilled. Now that the major issue was resolved, I was excited again.

I had put my search for parts on hold just in case the frame was toast. However, now that al was good again, the search was on again.

Shout out to Bill at Motor City Custom in Oshawa - Helped me out with some hard to find parts and a manual. I think I spent just over $200.00 there. Bill mailed me a couple of things in March 2017 , including an original Flasher. I also dropped in in early April 2017 to pick up a few things. Great service.

I got one of the original replacement red police switches I was looking for from Poole's Cycle in Hamilton. As many of you might know, they have been in business since 1945. Once again, great service. Motorcycle enthusiasts helping others.

Next on my list was Duke's Harley in Blenheim Ontario. I contacted them and was able to get an original Siren and Lights switch kit. 

I have to say that when listing these it seems like a simple task, but I have to tell you all that I searched many, many dealers for these few parts. I'm not special and know that it's likely that many of you have done the same thing. I have to say that it's satisfying, and somewhat expensive to source parts.

Next update, my search continues. This time it's outside Canada.


Thanks for reading.  Mike




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