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Looking Out The Window

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I'mmmmm baaaccckkkkkkk!



Back from a refreshing break and raring to get at the mounds of work on my desk (NOT), I look out the this great window only to give the one finger salute to the weatherman for being wrong yet again. I now, after 50+ years, have finally accrued enough data to inequitably confirm that:

  1. It will either rain or not
  2. It will either be sunny or not
  3. It will either be cold or not
  4. It will either be windy or not

So with this newly created data, I can now ascertain that it will be a crap shoot tomorrow and if I want really good weather, I need to move to Phoenix. Oh well…… can’t change it, so we need to learn to live with it I guess :) .

Over the long weekend, I took some time away from the everyday hustle and bustle and decided that I was going to get back to what I LIKE to do and not what I HAVE to do when it comes around to these boxes called computers. “Back in the day” I did a lot of animation and video producing. Time, money and life took me away from this, but I never lost the urge to get back to it. So this weekend I started the first cut of what will become our Province’s CMC Group Riding video.

Loosing track of time more than once and found myself working through the days just like old times. You know you like what you are doing when this happens, however I also found that my old software was now useless with the new operating systems and was no longer available even to upgrade. This was the crapper!! I resorted to some of the other “professional grade” software that I have, but it does not do the job that I was used to back in the 80’s and early 90’s when I did segments for some of the productions back then, leaving me with a less than perfect score for this one. The one thing that I did notice was that when “Chapter One” was completed, the size was stupidly big. “Back in the day” when I did a score this size, it would fit on a floppy disk (whoa – what is that??) and I could easily pop it in the mail and have it at the producer’s office in Vancouver in a day. The score I just finished requires a hard drive the size of New York and the bad part is - - it is only 5 minutes in length!! So much for allowing hi-res.


The one thing that always came to mind though was May is coming on us FAST. May being Motorcycle Awareness Month, is a great time for us to get our name out there and show Canada that we want a safe environment to ride in. In a previous article, I made a challenge to have Chapters submit a poster that we might be able to use for this. To date, I think there was only one submitted and that one was in the draft stages. Who else is in?

So until next time......

Ride often and ride safe!

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Hey grizzz,


The 036 Villains will be submitting a poster. I just finished it. Should I post it here, or in your previous article? Was also curious about allowed / disallowed logos...CMC Logo only / None / Combined with others etc.

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