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The Pressure is Off

So on Thursday March27th “I was looking out my window” (cheers Grizz) and although the temperature was less than ideal the roads looked very dry. I must admit there was a large amount of sandy areas, and was very determined to avoid these. With that said I rolled my bike out of my garage and started it up. I let the bike warm up about 10 minutes or so, the bike itself was pleading it was ready, it responded with nice crisp throttle rolls. I used the time while the bike was warming up to GEAR



Some History about My riding experience, or lack thereof

Hi and welcome to my CMC Blog My goal is to consistently provide my readers with an informative, and entertaining perspective on motorcycles & motorcycle riding. Let me start off with a little background about myself. I was born and raised in Toronto Ontario, and I now reside in Brampton Ontario with my wife and two children. Prior to taking the Motorcycle Safety Course, my only experience riding a motorcycle was when I was 13. Two weekends one summer I rode my cousins Kawasaki



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