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    Hello Brothers & Sisters I am sitting here, finally having a day off from having the rally over, my f/t job at Costco, my business training new students to ride, and the house work can wait. I am not doing a thing but going over the memories of the weekend, pictures and comments on Facebook, making new friends, the National Forum, emails, all pre-and post times of the rally. WOW!!! I sit here shedding a tear that is is all over. So, humbling to know that this was a successful event, that everyone who came had such an amazing weekend. Every moment was special to me, meeting as many of you as possible personally. For those I did not, I apologize. It was very hard for me to keep track. For those I said hello, some twice or more, lol please share a hug and a hello from me please. All of the time spent with you all was so amazing, so many laughs my ribs and face are still sore. There is always hiccups, drama, oopsies and such, but I feel so enthralled in this feeling of kinship, the feeling of gratitude knowing that I was able to help make this dream of ours hosting the National Rally here a successful one thanks to all of you who contributed to this special event. And for some of you still travelling, it is still not over. Please continue to enjoy every minute of your journeys with an open road, warm wind in your face and a sense of pride in being a part of it all. Knowing your brothers and sisters all across this Nation who were unable to attend are envious of not being able to be a part of it all. But now with current social media and technology they were able to see and feel from those moments we share with them, the feeling of family love. First and foremost, I would like to thank my wife, Amy Hohn, for being a part of this amazing weekend, her love, patience - which was limited near the begging of the weekend as my stress level and concentration to everything limited my attention towards her. Amy's support towards me and the rally, did not go unnoticed. It was originally her idea when we got married almost 3 years ago next door at the Coombs Country Campground to see if we could have a rally here on Vancouver Island. Her contributions she made including, her idea and helping the handling all the door prizes and trying to ensure that everyone walked away with something. Thank you...I Love You!!! To the Coombs Rodeo Grounds, thank you for everything you all did for all of us. Helping to ensure that everyone who needed help was acknowledged and treated well. We shall see you for coffee to say Hi, when we stop in riding out around the area. Don, what can we say, you helped us all in ensuring the quality of enjoyment was had by all. Your dedication to helping the grounds as you do is greatly appreciated. To the other Rodeo Grounds staff and Volunteers, Thank you for everything. To the Dj, Brian, thank you for keeping us rocking all weekend. For being moved all over the place to help us get music and sound to areas of the rally. The lights as well were fun and entertaining for everyone. We are loving the pictures of the bike your wife took. The Renovation Blues Band, thank you for entertaining us with your beautiful music, getting us up there and dancing enjoying the evening. Great Job!! The Pig, oh the Pig. What can we all say, it was absolutely fabulous, Thank you to James and his daughter from Lickety Spit for their time and dedication to their craft. I apologize for the lack of BBQ sauce, I was shocked with myself when someone asked for it and I am a ex chef, I should know that it was needed. My apologies. I hope the rest of the meal was good as well. That was an oopsy. The salmon, that was especially nice as well. Thank you, Blaine & family, for the contributions of these lovely morsels of delight. For the use of the BBQ’s, Robin & Gord, and I am not sure where the 3rd came from, so thank you for the use. The 4th was mine. To Pam & Pam, Tom & Mo, Russ, Casey, and everyone else who helped out in the kitchen during the meals. Without you all there having my back it would of not as gone as well for our members eating such great food we were able to provide. Thank you!!!! A special Thank you to everyone who helped out at the Registration table, with extra special thank you to Gerry for being my right hand in all of this. Having him take on this enormous task of the financial tracking, keeper of the key on registration, keeping all of you all sorted out and ready for arrival. Also, special thank you to Patty and Tara. Patty is currently a member, Blaine's wife, and Tara their daughter were key players in helping get the registration area set up. Your signs, organization and contributions to the help of making sure all of our guests were greeted and registered with no issues. Tara was given her patches to the chapter as an honorary member, and we look forward to having you be a part of this family. She will also be taking lessons to learn how to ride herself one day soon, and I personally will be making sure she becomes a safe, confident rider. Also to one of our newest members Bruce for helping & Kristine an original member of the Nanaimo Chapter, Thank you. To all of our Main Sponsors, WestJet, High Roller Charters, Fountain Tire, Panago, Bayview Cycle, Signage, Superstore, The Legion of Nanaimo, Stones Marina, Wolf Brewery, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Lordco, Coke, The National Board CMC, and so many more that will get an individual letter Thanking them for their support towards raising funds for the Children's Wish Foundation. So, Thank you all for you Donations towards our door prizes, our raffles, and to the Children's Wish Foundation and their Families. For your knowledge, Fountain Tire donated a $1000 towards ensuring a family in need will get an extra special Christmas this year. Also to all of the other cash donations that came in that go directly to the CWF, Thank you from all of us here in Nanaimo. We are still tallying the numbers, should be a couple more days till we have it but soon as we do, it will be announced to everyone. To all the Road Captains & Tailgunners, thank you for taking our members out there to wherever you ended up individually. I heard nothing but positive feedback from every group thus far. Thank you for keeping us all safe as possible. Now to my Officer Crew, the Rally Committee & my immediate CMC Family including local Chapters. Robin 2nd Officer- Senior RC, for your dedication and support over these last two years of planning, your are my closest brother here, I my true admiration is hopefully apparent. Brian 3rd Officer for your roles in all of this. Your humor, commitment and support is greatly appreciated. Gerry 4th Officer- Financial Officer, what more can be said, you are a loved by all. Thank you for keeping us all informed with reports and meeting notes to help keep us on track. Also to your wife, Mary. She also contributed to this with graphics for the multiple things along the way. Thank you both!!! Blaine 5th Officer, you and your family have done equal parts in all of this. Thank you, brother!! Rob 6th Officer, for the use of your canopy, your dedication to this event, & the respect given to all our guests. Thank you!! The Rally Committee, including the officers of 008, Robin, Brian, Gerry, Blaine, Rob. The committee also included, Tom & Mo, Thanks for helping us get the grand prize WestJet Package. For the Nanaimo Bars, The Donations from The Legion, everything you have helped with, including all your help in the kitchen and the Birthday Cake. Love you both. Al & Diane for all your contributed ideas, your help with taking on the T-shirt sales. The decorations, looked great, and appreciated. Thanks to you both. Al sold his ride recently, and was able to get out for the main ride, Diane even used my helmet so she can go. I think they got the itch to get back out there again. Anne for all your time and dedication to helping with this. Your task of standing on the road side with snacks and water for all the riders was greatly appreciated. Everyone really liked they we had that for them. Thank you!! Bob for all you helped with greeting members when they rode in when I was running around everywhere and trying to be there to greet our guests. Thank you as well!! John -Borg, well we all said we need to take the batteries out of you. Wow all you helped in the committee meetings, gathering all the donations from businesses in the area, the time and amount of driving around doing this over the last year is so appreciated by every single member. For selling off the raffle tickets for the WestJet Package. Cheers to you big guy!! And Thank you to everyone who bought these, the funds going directly to the kids. Grizz, for all the swag you were able to gather, your ideas and contributions to the rally. For driving to Tofino to pick up our two riders. Thank you!!! Brent & Karen, for all your help towards this event, the Birthday Cake, and help where it was needed. We look forward to having you both host our appreciation dinner. Thank you both!! To the Paparazzi, Ian Mucker, Ian your videos coming out soon will be treasured for time to come. Taking the Group Photo. All your help and for the Flag that was presented to me and our Chapter, signed by many of you in memory of this amazing weekend. Tony Weddam, who took video drone footage of the Parade on Sunday, thank you for doing this and to Marg from 037 Alberni who helped make this happen, Thank him for us Marg!! To Richard O. for taking as many pictures of the entire event, the snaps of pictures outside the hall trying to get as many members as possible Saturday night. Also for diving Robin’s truck out to the Junction area to pick up our members bike, Bettina with two blowouts. Thank you for your contributions to recording our rally for everyone to see. And to all of you again for your pictures you have taken thus far of your journeys, your time during the weekend and so much more. Thank you all!!! To Margo & Snowman, from 037 Thank you for stepping up and getting together a sewing station last minute. Your skills were appreciated by many who took advantage of your service. The donations from this are being put towards the Port Alberni Toy Run. Thanks for all your help in so many areas. The National Board, thank you for your support and allowance to have the Nanaimo Chapter host this years National Rally. I knew it was a lot to ask a majority of our members to commit to coming so far for this. With your early advice and help I was able to get the officers and committee the confidence needed that we can do this. And boy did we do it up right!!! To every single last person who attended the Rally, Ride out West 2017, Thank you for your contributions, with your registration and purchasing of tickets for various things to help raise funds for the CWF. I know that the dollar doesn't go as far these days, and the time and commitment from all of you for planning your trips, the unexpected expenditures, it can add up, so THANK YOU for making the 11th Annual National Rally Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers a huge success. Our final $ dollar amount donated will be added up in next couple days. We will announce it soon. It was a pleasure to meet as many of you as I could, and I am looking forward to the friendships gained, growing in time will bring us together all again. I am probably missing someone in all of this, so Thank You. I apologize if you felt you were not properly thanked in this letter. Cheers to you!!! All of you need to stand up, take a bow, hug it out and relish in the feeling of accomplishment in being a part of the best National Rally ever!!! Sincerely, Michael Hohn 1st Officer Nanaimo 008 Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers
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    Just a update on the lawsuit that the CMC was served on back in February of the year. For those unaware the details are posted on another post on this same "special events " forum. On Tuesday July 18th in the Waterloo Region courthouse, the Honorable Deputy Judge James Marentette dismissed the case/suit and while scolding both parties for various actions that he deemed improper. Part of his closing statements and ruling he further advised Ms Anderson that she would be better to sue personally the parties involved and offered a few other suggestions on what she was allowed to do. Overall the whole ordeal was quite disappointing and extremely stressful, however it did provide several valuable learning and life experiences which will be used to hopefully prevent any future similar incidents. I would personally like to thank all the members who supported the CMC throughout this event, it was great to have the court room filled during both days with CMC members there to offer support and advice, thank you all and very much appreciated. I apologize to all the members that were subpoenaed by Ms Anderson as witnesses as I reflect back on this series of events she would never have been reinstated after the original termination, lessons learned and should not be repeated in future. The CMC Board has been also supportive and behind myself who was named in the suit as representing the CMC. Thank you to the Board and also to Stafford and Irma for all their assistance and support all the time. Another CMC member whom I cannot name personally was instrumental in the defense of this suit cannot be thanked or repaid enough for all her expertise and knowledge in the court related procedures is again greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. My dear wife Sherry has endured far more bullshit and grief than anyone should have to just for being married to the person named in the lawsuit and I hope to somehow make up for all the quality of life this nuisance lawsuit and previous events has sucked out of our lives for many years. Overall I am not sure there is anything gained by Ms. Anderson as the Judge did not allow either party to be awarded court costs. Thank you everyone for the messages and call of support throughout this whole incident and overall it will only make the CMC all that much better and even more the Greatest Canadian Motorcycle Riding Club from Sea to Sea.
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    OMG a week to go and we are finalizing everything up over the next week. Our plans have all come together and the outcome is expected to be a great success. Thank you to everyone so far who has registered to come and attend the National Rally here on Vancouver Island. Without all of you this would not even be a possibility for us to showcase our backyard. We look forward to meetimg all of you. Ride safely, enjoy your Ride out West, and we will see you in a week? Thank you to the National board for allowing us the opportunity to be the hosting chapter, for your support and all the advice. Thank you to the Nanaimo Chapter, and to the rally committee. You have all come together to help make this a reality. Your pride in your community, this brotherhood of family, and respect for everyone involved has made us a riding group to be admired. Congratulations on this and I look forward to sharing in the sense of accomplishment when it's all over. With my deepest gratitude. Mike Hohn
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    11th National Rally Coombs BC, was held at the Coombs Rodeo Grounds a couple of weekends ago this is my video of what took place. I could only cover so much, I hope you like it. Please do not share this video outside the CMC hopefully this will bring back some smiles and good stories .. thanks to the 008 for putting together a great rally
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    Drum Roll please...... $9100.00 has been raised by all of you to donate to the Children's Wish Foundation.!!! Thank you to all of our Sponsors who donated to the 11th Annual National Rally, to you our Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers Family for your contributions to the Rally and for making this a successful National Event!! Stand up take a bow, and give each other a huge congratulatory hug for being a part of this amazing gift to the Kids!!
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    Congratulations Den on your new position as PO for ON and becoming our National Officer. I'm sure that you will serve and represent CMC well. From taking on the position of 1st of 016, where although things looked bleak for a while, you hung in there and created a great chapter, you built it and they came. That experience served you well as a Regional Officer, where you again proved your ability as a Board member to represent CMC and the chapters of Southwestern ON. You have always been willing to take on anything and everything asked of you so there is no doubt of your success in this new position. All the very best with it, Matt
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    Thanks Den for the kind words and presentation and thanks guys for the welcome! I know like Den I have some big shoes to fill in my new position but I am looking forward to the challenge and meeting the many new faces of the CMC...The CMC has come a long way since its inception and I am happy to have been a small part of that!! I will try to continue to respect the traditions and core values that have been set,in the coming months and years!! thanks,respectfully,Dunner
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    Awesome job Dennis I have learned from you and working with you and our board members has always been a pleasure. Bit nervous, bit humbled and very proud to take on role of ON and National officer. Will do my best not to let the board and my fellow CMC members down. Den
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    Neither you Dennis nor Sherry or any of the witnesses should have had to endure any of this. You give someone a second chance, who obviously didn't appreciate it, putting you in a position to deal with it again, and then you end up with all this b.s. With appreciation for all you do, -Irma ps: :If Ms Anderson has the right to sue personally, why couldn't anyone who has lost time off work to witness, etc be able to file against her to be reimbursed with the case being dismissed?
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    Thank you Dennis for all your hard work in carrying CMC to where it is today. It is very much appreciated. You more than fulfilled my expectations of the role of Provincial Officer of ON and have been a great National Officer. I'm sure that you feel the same confidence in Den carrying on for you and handing him the key to the executive washroom. All the very best in your retirement - enjoy the ride! Thank you again Matt
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    Gotta Say Wow! To CMC 008 Naniamo THANK YOU ALL for an incredible weekend and the 2017 National Rally. Great rides, great food, great people and incredible hosts. My take is the 2017 Rally was a tremendous success. In a word "Fantastic" Kudos to CMC 008 Naniamo for all your hard work and dedication to host this event. Tough act to follow. Thank you all again. Cheers, Glenn
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    Thank you for dealing with all of this, sorry it happened in the first place This is a free group to join with lots of people volunteering their time and efforts to make it fun and safe for all. I wish people who cannot respect others and play nicely would just find another interest or group. If you are miserable spend some time alone until you are at peace........no need to spoil everyone else's day!
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    All your work with CMC Gear is much appreciated Dennis and Sherry! The pension plan for that is the same amount as the retiring NO gets LoL. Enjoy your vacation and your retirement Thank you Dave and Lorrie for taking on this for CMC! -Irma
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    WHAT......are there 2 Dave Dunner's in the CMC ? Congrats on your new position Dave. I'm sure you are looking forward to the big pay ? raise as well. Well done my friend. ?
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    It has been a pleasure working with you Dennis! I'm sure that you will miss all my emails Your's and Sherry's efforts and commitment to CMC are so appreciated! I hope that you both enjoy your retirement and all the extra time that you will have for yourselves. Congratulations Den on your new positions! CMC is still in good hands! -Irma
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    I think I know this Dunner guy ........congratulations Dave. r.
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    Thanks for the great job you have done Dennis. All of us, who are officers, know it isn't easy, but I know our positions are nothing compared to National and provincial. But you conquered it well my friend, even tho not all agree with all decisions made. I know Biggy will carry on very well. You and Sherry enjoy your retirement. Go ride now and make use of the extra room in the house.
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    Go to http://rally2017.cmc-bc.com and half way down the page is a button to the photo gallery. I had to move the gallery due to the number of hits it was getting
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    Jackie Jefkins, Cliff Graham and I rode home together from Vancouver. Day 1 through the smoke and heat filled #3 to Creston. Day 2 started day in mountains and last half in foothills and prairie to Swift Current. Was already missing those twisty, turning roads. We arrived safely without incident yesterday. Jackie and I camped 14 of past 21 days so our bed was calling us? We had a great time at the rally and thank all our hosts, the many volunteers, some of whom we witnessed almost burning themselves out...hats off you guys, it's really appreciated!? We logged just under 8600 km on the bike and, and took in other tours as well. Our riding day seemingly owning the Cassiar Highway is always going to be a pinnacle memory. Our inside passage ferry from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy was incredible and we lucked out on the perfect weather and got to know some new friends, one Elmer who showed up as a new member and attended the rally; he's a keeper?. The Tofino ride was a favourite!! We did the return trip from Combs twice, and not just for the ride but also for Tacofino for fish tacos and Chocolate Tofino for gelato ?! What a great route for going on a foodie mission...think we are moving?. The best part was the people!! So happy so many of our local friends from Manitoba and Saskatchewan came out as well as many of our prior friends from rallies out east. The Village is the best but even we were pretty low key this year. What's up with that?? Gotta work on it!! As alluded to already, the extremely generous hosts on the island...thanks for a great rally. Too bad so many of us were hot and tired Saturday night. That band was fantastic and we didn't do them justice with attendance but through no fault of their own. We enjoyed one slow dance at the end of that night. Happy to be safely home with awesome memories. Till we ride together again ???????????????????? Mark aka Beluga Jackie aka Happiness
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    Just a final note on the 2017 National Rally and Chapter 065's "Snaps" aka Richard. Over the course of the event I watched with utter amazement as Richard ("Snaps") traversed the grounds capturing as many moments as possible with his camera. I'm quite certain that he covered over 50 miles and snapped at least a 1000+ photos over the course of the three days. He posted his pictures for all to enjoy and captured some of the best moments and funniest antics of the Rally. "Snaps" provided photo memories that will stand the test of time and be enjoyed well into the future. He quietly went about his business like a stealth news reporter following a hot lead. In fact, I'm certain that non of us really caught the genius of his methodology. But I did see his work and think he did an amazing job. Richard represented the CMC and his Chapter and demonstrated his respect and support of not only the Rally but the CMC as a whole. So I would like to extend a very big THANK YOU to Snaps for providing the ultimate photo memory of this event. Kudos to you "Snaps" for your unwavering support and belief in your Club and your Chapter, your excellent photos and your passion for your craft. Sincerely, Glenn 1st Officer CMC 065 Victoria
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    Well done everyone, you folks have done the CMC proud
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    Have been seeing lots of reports and posts of CMC members beginning the migration westward for the 2017 CMC Rally and quite honest I am a whole lot jealous. Unfortunately Sherry and I are unable to attend this years rally and from the sounds of the plans and preview of the agenda it sounds like everyone whom is able to attend will have a lifetime of memories. Travel safely and post lots of pictures as we are all looking forward to virtually attending thru the folks on site. Have a great time everyone
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    As part of my retirement package as National Officer, CMC Apparel is also getting a new exciting location. We are currently are in process of moving all the CMC swag to the new Apparel Headquarters at the home of Dave & Lorrie Dunn. Please be patient during the transition period as the new location gets set up. The apparel website is still open and you may place and process orders however the items maybe not shipped until the new location is setup. Thank you everyone for all the support over the years and it has been a pleasure to have been able to be part of the process in making the CMC such as awesome club. Stay tuned to this page for more exciting details and updates regarding CMC Apparel
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    I am very sad to announce that as of Friday August 11 2017, I will be stepping down as the National Officer and Ontario Provincial Officer for the Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers. I had in all honesty been considering this move for a little while however as I always enjoyed the challenge and responsibility and working with the members of the CMC Board, Chapter Officers and most members it was always sort of forgotten about. During my time as the Ontario Provincial Officer and later on as the National Officer I have dealt with several issues that have not always been the most popular or even the correct decision was made. Each event was always made with what I felt was the best for the CMC in general and sadly I have lost some folks as friends who did not agree with some very tough choices or visions that I chose. During the time we have been involved in splitting some chapters, closing some and opening others. I along with others have tried to resolve issues and squabbles that have ruined long time friendships and at other times made some relationships stronger, but always it was done with what was best for the CMC in mind. Since assuming the appointment of the National Officer position my wife Sherry and myself also temporarily took over the CMC Apparel part of the club which has spread out to several rooms of our home to store stock of CMC apparel long with ordering stock and shipping all orders that are made. We also attempted to have CMC apparel available for direct sales at the local National Rallies and other CMC events generally within Ontario. We are also stepping away from this in the near future but as the change over is a bit complex it will be later in the month. Stay tuned for updates regarding CMC Apparel. I have asked Dennis Dunkley aka "Biggy D" to be the replacement National Officer and PO for Ontario and he has readily agreed to do so. Dennis is a CMC original Charter Member of the CMC and lives in the Sarnia Ontario area. Den was the original 1st Officer if the Sarnia 016 chapter and held that position until a couple years ago to dedicate more time to the Western Ontario Regional Officer. Dennis has also been working with several Provinces and areas in the Eastern parts of Canada that are temporarily without Provincial Officers and or 1st Officers. Dennis take this Club to new levels I am sure and I for one look forward to being part of the future CMC under Den and the CMC Boards direction. I wish to thank everyone for all the support during my time as the National & Provincial Officer and I have always been and will remain to be very proud to be a small part of the greatest motorcycle riding club in Canada. To the members who choose not to talk to me or are for whatever reason are mad at me, well thanks too as if that is what makes you happy to be part of the CMC then I have done my job there too. While the recent lawsuit against the CMC and other activities has taken chewed up a incredible amount of my "spare time" I personally wish to thank all the members for the overwhelming support that I have received during that case and continue to do so. Personally I do not feel that issue is not over for me yet but the CMC has been cleared of the nuisance lawsuit and that is a relief. Thank you everyone I can't put into words my gratitude and love I have for the CMC. I want to say a huge thank you to Irma who is the backbone of the CMC and spends hundreds of hours making the CMC tick and run smoothly. Thank you so much for all you have done for me and the CMC. Stafford is the genius of all things technical and has saved my butt more than once after granting me National Officer Superpowers to moderate the CMC forum, something which I am sure he has regretted many a time. Thank you sir for all you do behind the scenes that everyone assumes happens magically. The CMC Board has been a pleasure to work with and has taken shape and become increasingly active since restructuring the format to include all Board members in decision making and policy modifications and updates. Thank you all past and present. Please welcome and support our incoming National Officer, Ontario Provincial Officer and a new Southern Regional Officer TBA. Thanks everyone and hope to see you again on the road Dennis aka Fireden
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    In keeping with changing times and new looks, we are happy to announce a new look in CMC fashion head wear. The traditional Black 1 size fits most CMC ball cap is being discontinued and a updated fresh looking hat is being offered. The hat is of increased quality and features a series of florescent stripes on the peak. Our panel of test wearers has received very favorably reviews. The new style hat is available on the CMC Apparel website. Cost for these is $20 plus shipping
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    Thank you Dennis and Sherry for you tireless efforts. The 050 was just one Chapter that benefitted from your skills as our National Leader. Enjoy your retirement and time spent with Sherry. Thank you Den for your willingness to step up (a BIG step) and continue the CMC that we all enjoy and are proud to be part of. Ray and Wendy Latour 050 Durham
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    Dennis I know that you did a great job and were a tremendous help in a trying time for some of us. You will be missed as a mentor and your sense of humour will also be missed. You always showed that although CMC is important to all of us that family and life must take precedence. Unfortunately that was not always possible for you. Enjoy your retirement from National and Provincial Officer status and make sure that your pension is just as good as your wages have been. Thank-you for the countless hours that you have put into this club and Thank-you to Sherry for being there for you and the club. Behind every great leader is a guide. As the Iceman once said - I'll be your wingman anytime.
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    Thank you Dennis for stepping in and making the CMC a better riding club under your leadership. I remember a time when you said that there was no way you would step into this roll. Well you did at a time when it was left without a leader and in my opinion turn this club around and put back on track. Leadership of over 5000 members is not an easy job but you undertook the responsibility and in my eyes succeeded. Leadership also takes a toll on you and those close to you. Don't think of this as stepping down but as a well deserved retirement from a job well done. Thankyou from Mike "Slade" and Mary (CenCom) Slade. Congratulation Den "BiggyD" we know you will do us proud. ?
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    All the hard work and dedication by your team was so appreciated Mike!! We had such a great time and are thankful we could be there. We have wonderful memories of the rally as well as our journey. The CMC family rocks!!! -Irma
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    It was a outstanding National Rally and I for one am very glad Cathy and I could make it! Great job everyone and Thanks for the Memories!
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    We took the long and windy road and now we're here! -Irma
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    Due to the fires burning up our beautiful province, many roads are being closed. Please keep an eye on our web site for as close to "up top the minute" details as we can provide. http://rally2017.cmc-bc.com/ The notices will be under the Notices tab Thank you and safe travels
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    Thanks Dennis! It would be great if you and Sherry were able to come. We have been wandering west, through some beautiful scenery and some great roads that I'm sure are making Matt miss not having the bike for this trip, but he has me LoL and one week in he hasn't threatened to turn the truck around once yet See you when we get back, -Irma
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    Wow, I'm a little slow reading the news. Was talking to you briefly yesterday and didn't have a clue about this...lol You are an extremely fair, even keeled kind of guy, so a perfect mix for handling dispute resolutions and applying healthy doses of common-sense to issues in this new role. Congrats Dave!
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    I am pleased to announce that Dave "Dunner" Dunn has accepted the RO position. Effective Fri Aug 11 2017 I have always known him to be honest, respectful and totaly dedicated to our club. I look forward to working with Dave and I welcome him to the CMC Board. There are some chapters that are without a RO and Dave will be taking them on in his new role. Dave will post in 1st officers forum the new chapter he will now represent. Congrats Dave you earned it. Den
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    Like everyone else has stated Dennis you have done an excellent job in bringing the CMC to where it is today. Thanks also to Sherry for all she has done for this riding club as well. Congratulations to Dennis Biggy D. on becoming the new National Officer and to Dunner for stepping up as Southwestern Regional Officer.
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    Congrats Dave, that's awesome news. They surely picked the right person for that position.
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    Watch for the announcement - coming very soon!! -Irma
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    Thank you Dennis and Sherry for all your hard work and dedication. Congratulations and thanks Biggy D for stepping to be our new National Officer.
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    Thanks for stepping up Dunner! We are in good hands!!!
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    Congratulations Dave, I look forward to working with you in your new role. -Irma
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    Congratulations Dave on the SWORO position!
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    Congratulations Dave "Dunner" Dunn on becoming the South Western Ontario Regional Officer for the CMC. ?
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    Dennis, Although I have not been with the CMC long and I don't know you very well, all I have to do is look at this organization to see the results of your tireless efforts and dedication. Clearly it has been nothing short of sacrificial for you and Sherry. Well done. Den, Congratulations on your new appointment. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon. If there is ever anything I can do to assist, please let me know.
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    Congratulations, Den. I can think of no one better qualified to take on this responsibility.
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    Thank you for your support and all the best to you both.
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    If I was asked to describe what kind of 1st Officer you've been, words like encouraging, kind, patient, inspiring, influential, helpful, and a slew of other wonderful adjectives come easily to mind. Hopefully you and Sherry will now have time to just have some fun and ride. Thanks to the both of you for all your hard work.
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    Doug has arranged for two passes for two couples at the Sea to Sky Gondola as door prizes for the rally and he has arranged that if you buy your tickets online and use the coupon code CMC2017 you will receive a 20% discount on their tickets hope this will get some of you to stop into the Gondola which is located just south of Squamish .. if you have a chance this a great venue I will attach a video for you all to look at to decide if its right for you .. see you all at the rally on Friday ... ride safe see you all soon
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    I have had a few dealings with court matters I can understand the toll it takes and the time, I too am sorry that you had to endure this and want to thank you for having put your time and being into this matter to bring it to a close. We all appreciate what you have done and do for CMC Thank you
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