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    The support and messages have been overwhelming. It has been a busy weekend explaining this case to interested members and again no one can believe that anyone can do this or attempt to do so. If even half of the folks that say they will be at the court house there will be a need for a bigger court room. Thanks all we should all know by next week how this ends.
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    We have known and have had everything booked for the 2017 Rally, Bike is being transported to Calgary along with 15 others from Barrie On with members from 006 Barrie and 092 Haliburton Highlands. We will be riding from Calgary on Tuesday July 25/17 and getting there on Friday, so very looking to see every there. One important point was to register and we have finally did it, Shoe and KitKat are on the way and looking forward to it|
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    A bonus offer from Choice Hotels for new Choice Privileges members With the Choice Privileges® rewards program, you can earn points every time you stay at one of our hotels. You’re never far from your next reward. The points add up fast and it’s free! For a limited time, we have a Choice Privileges bonus points offer! Earn a welcome bonus of 500 points when you sign up for our rewards program and another 500 bonus points after your first stay. Sign up Now! Remember to enter your Client ID # 00070405 in your Choice Privileges profile. -Matt Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers - Savings of up to 20% Whether your next trip is for business or leisure, Choice Hotels® has over 325 locations spanning all provinces – and over 6,300 worldwide, waiting to welcome you. Hotels are conveniently located near major airports, key highways and business districts. You’ll also be able to connect easily with colleagues and friends using free high-speed Internet, and jump-start your day with free breakfast at most locations. Here is the information you need to take advantage of the Choice Program: CLIENT ID#: 00070405 OPTIONS TO BOOK FOR CMC MEMBERS CHOICE HOTELS DISCOUNT Visit http://www.choicehotels.ca/cmcnational and enter your reservation details and preferred rates will be highlighted at participating hotels Call 800.4CHOICE (800.424.6423) and quote your Client ID# to access preferred rates Mobile: download the Choice Hotels app and enter our Client ID# when booking You must make your reservation by telephone or online prior to visiting the hotel
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    For anyone attending the Monday June 19, 2017 court case, paid parking is available in the market square parking garage at the corner of Duke Street East and Scott Street which is next door to the Court house which is at 85 Frederick Street in Kitchener. The Court room is # 504 on 5th floor and the session is scheduled for 10:02 am June 19, 2017. You will need to go thru court security entering the Court house, so leave all forms of "weapons" at home, even the smallest of folding pocket knives may be ceased by security. I have a "Motion to Dismiss" the case scheduled for 09:30 am also on Monday and hopefully the Courts will grant the motion and stop this type of Vexatious Litigation in its tracks before wasting any more of the Courts time. If this motion is granted then the trial/claim will be dismissed and the trial will be stricken from the Court schedule. On Friday I attended another Court case session in which the same former member has filed against her former partner/boy friend. This particular case which was in its 3rd or 4th day concluded on Friday with the Judge stating that her decision and ruling will be issued after reviewing the 1000's of pages of documents. Much of the Plaintiffs evidence and suit was identical to material in the Plaintiff Vs CMC suit along with volumes of inadmissible documents and other non specific to the claim information. I do not know at this time how or what the Judge will rule in this particular case however the experience of attending this session was time well spent. The Judge on Friday's trial deemed much of the Plaintiff's evidence and questioning had little or no relationship or bearing to the claim and was quickly dismissed as non admissible. If you are attending the session tomorrow please be on time, do not wear your CMC vest as we do not want to portray any misconceptions of a "biker gang". You will NOT be allowed to bring coffee into the Court room but may enjoy one in the hallway (Timmies is on ground floor). Seating is limited within the court room IF we do have to proceed to trial, so come early. Proper court etiquette is required and must be followed as announced by Court clerk. I am deeply humbled and very grateful for all the positive comments and forms of support that is coming from all current and past CMC members and friends in regards to this frivolous nuisance claim by the former member against the CMC. Looking forward to putting an end to this saga so we can all get back to what the CMC was meant to be. Thank you all Dennis Kaufman CMC National Officer
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    I do own 2 motorcycles, I will use one but can have a second one for rental. you can reach me at cmcluckymission@gmail.com this is the one I,m ready to rent you
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    The rain held off all day and made this an enjoyable excursion. Many friends from other chapters came to enjoy the day and to share our 5th year as CMC 093 Ottawa Valley.Talk about community...we had friends from 011 Ottawa, 096 Renfrew, 098 Bancroft, 092 Haliburton Highlands and of course 093 Ottawa Valley, also, our friends of UN/NATO Upper Ottawa Valley and guest riders. photo album Equinox
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    That was a fun evening, thanks
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    Waterloo Region Court House 85 Frederick Street Kitchener, Ontario SCJ Courtroom 504 Parking at market square parking garage next door/ BE AWARE THAT BUILDING SECURITY IS VERY TIGHT, YOU WILL NEED TO EMPTY POCKETS,, REMOVE ALL METAL OBJECTS AND OTHER SUCH ITEMS. Good chance if you have a pocket knife regardless of size or otherwise it will be confiscated at door.
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    I would like to thank all our CMC family who came to show their support during a very difficult time.
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    If at all possible, I will be there. A member is allowed a second chance and continues on the same path, then decides CMC should be financially responsible ?? -Irma
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    It's a shame that this is happening to CMC. I will be there to support. -Matt
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    Working on seeing about being there
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    Hello We just wanted to pass on the information about Departure Day. As we have the site until early Tuesday morning there is no rush on "Checking Out". Monday there is time for you to pack up, get organized for your journey, then if possible and time allows you can go for one last good ride. Go see something you saw that you must see or experience. Your Choice!! We also ask all our attending members at the National Rally to respect the Coombs Rodeo Grounds and the space we are using. We ask for members to be prepared to leave the grounds by 7:00pm. Final Goodbyes by 8:00pm We ask that we all clean our campsites up when packing up. Please use appropriate containers for recycling purposes. Dogs are allowed, but MUST be cleaned up after immediately, and kept under control. NO DRINKING AND RIDING!!!! Wristbands kept on until Departure for security purposes. Thank you for respecting our policies. We hope you all have a wonderful time and take home valuable memories. Ride Safe and see you all in July!
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    Hello CMC Members We, The Nanaimo Chapter are pleased to announce our Grand Prize Rally Raffle. WestJet Airlines has graciously donated Two Round Trip Tickets to any Destination they fly. (Conditions Apply) These are the Details: 1) You must register and attend the 2017 National Rally Ride out West 2) Ticket Sales are only available at the National Rally. Raffle Tickets will be sold for: 1 for $25 or 3 for $60 Sales will end at 8:30pm 3) The Raffle Draw for the Grand Prize will take place in the Main Hall at 9:00pm Saturday July 29th, 2017. 4) The winner holding the drawn ticket will receive the WestJet Package at that time. 5) Cannot be redeemed for cash value. 6) Winner must abide by the conditions in the package. 6) The winner has until July 31st, 2018 to redeem Prize. We hope to see you at the National Rally at Coombs Grounds July 28th to 31st, 2017 To Register go to http://rally2017.cmc-bc.com/ RIde Safe and Good Luck on the GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE!! WestJet3.pdf
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    Join us at the White Horse plaza 470 Norfolk St S, Simcoe Meet at 6:30PM We will go for a ride if numbers and weather permit Tom
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    You don't have to settle on power when it comes to buying an electric motorcycle. For those looking to go the environmentally-friendly route, there are plenty of appealing options on the market. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/autos/autosmotorcycles/the-9-best-electric-motorcycles-you-can-buy/ss-BBBPo8x?li=AAggNb9&ocid=mailsignout Alta Motorcycles has two solid options for those just entering the market. The Redshift SM, pictured here, has an output of 40 hp and 120 ft.-lb. of torque. Priced at $15,495, the Redshift SM has a top speed of 80 mph and charges in six hours from a level 2 charger, which is slightly faster than a wall socket but not as quick as DC fast charging.The SM is a bit limited when it comes to range at just 50 miles, but it's packed with enough power for those looking for a city bike. For anyone looking to go electric for an off-road experience, Alta also offers its Redshift MX, pictured here. Like the SM, it also has an output of 40 hp and 120 ft.-lb. of torque. The MX is a bit cheaper at $14,995, but you'll have to make compromise some on speed. The MX has a top speed of 65 mph. Alta says the MX has a range anywhere between 1-4 hours, depending on factors like environment and speed. Both the SM and MX can be reserved online with a $100 deposit. Deliveries for the SM have been delayed and are now scheduled to begin in August. The MX is available for immediate delivery. Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, two of the original co-founders of Tesla, invested in Alta Motorcycles Zero Motorcycles' electric motorcycle, the Zero SR, is competitive when it comes to range and power. It gets up to 70 hp and 116 ft.-lb torque. The base model, the ZF13.0, can drive 122 miles on a single charge (combined range). But you can also shell out more for a Power Tank, which will increase the combined range to 153 miles. Pricing starts at $15,995 for the ZF13.0. Adding the Power Tank will cost an additional $2,695. The Zero SR is also a bit more high-tech than the other options we've seen so far. It comes with an LCD screen showing battery charge and speed. It syncs with an app that will track that data, but also allows you to set parameters like the maximum speed you want to go when riding. The motorcycle can be purchased at a local dealer. If you've got a need for speed, your best bet is Lightning Motorcycle's LS 218 that the company claims is the fastest production motorcycle in the world. It packs an insane output of 200 hp with 168 ft.-lbs. of torque. The LS 218 set a world record of 215.907 mph at Bonneville Speedway in Utah in 2011. The motorcycle has an average range of 100 miles on highways. But it's a bit pricier with that kind of speed and power at $38,888. It charges in 2 hours on a level 2 charger. You can order an LS 218 online. The Energica Ego is another option for those looking for more speed. The Italian superbike gets an output of 136 hp with 195 Nm (roughly 144 ft.-lb.) of torque. The motorcycle has a maximum speed limited at 149 mph and a range of 93 miles. The Ego can charge in 3.5 hours on a level 2 charger, but can charge in 30 minutes on a DC fast charger. The Ego comes with a 4.3-inch color display that monitors the battery and offers short-range Bluetooth connectivity of up to 100 meters (328 feet.) The $34,000 motorcycle will offer cellular connectivity for longer ranges by the end of this year. It also comes with Park Assistant. Energica also offers a slightly cheaper electric roadster option, the Eva. The biggest difference between the Eva and Ego comes down to power, as the Eva has an output of 95 hp and 170 Nm (125 ft.-lb.) of torque. Even if the Eva doesn't pack the same punch as the Ego, it's still a solid option with a top speed of 124 mph. The roughly $26,500 motorcycle also has a range of up to 124 miles in ECO mode. The Eva can charge fully in 3.5 hours with a standard level 2 outlet. Johammer, a small engineering company based in Austria, built a futuristic, electric cruiser dubbed the Johammer J1. It can drive 200 kilometers (124 miles) on a single charge. The motorcycle has a unique look that speaks to Johammer's engineering eye. The company integrated the electric motor and controller into the rear wheel, allowing the frame to better absorb shock. The motorcycle also has a 2.4-inch digital display in its rearview mirrors that shows speed, revs, and warnings. It can reach a top speed of 75 mph and accelerate to 62 mph in 8 seconds. The motorcycle is only available in Europe, but Johammer is looking to expand. The motorcycle starts at €24.900 euros ($27,950). You can also break the payment into €249 ($280) a month over 48 months after putting down a €6,900 ($7,744) deposit. The Brutus V9 is a beast of an electric motorcycle with 125 hp and 277 ft.-lb. of torque. The Brutus V9 comes with an 18.8 kWh or 33.7 kWh battery option that gives it a range exceeding 130 miles. The motorcycle has a top speed of 115 mph and starts pricing at $32,490. The Sora by Lito is the most luxurious electric motorcycle option out there. It gets 57 hp and 66 lb.-ft. of torque. The motorcycle is hand-made in Quebec and features plush leather seats and carbon fiber bodywork. It's a good option for those looking to combine luxury with speed; the bike can reach 120 mph and can accelerate to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds. The Sora can drive 120 miles on a single charge, but it doesn't come cheap with a starting price of $77,000. You can order the Sora online. Bonus: Keep an eye out for Harley-Davidson, which plans to introduce a range of electric motorcycles in the next decade. Bill Davidson, the vice president of Harley-Davidson's museum and factory tours, told the Drive that the American motorcycle manufacturer plans to introduce the electric bikes as part of a massive product overhaul occurring over the next 10 years. In 2014, Harley-Davidson showed a prototype of its electric motorcycle, the Livewire, pictured above. The prototype has a range of 52 miles. "We don't know yet when we're going to introduce it but it is progressing well and we will eventually introduce it," Davidson, the great-grandson of company founder William Davidson, told the Drive.
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    Harley-Davidson Inc. is voluntarily recalling about 57,000 of its iconic motorcycles because of an oil line that can come loose and spray oil onto the path of the rear tire, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. The recall includes 2017 Electra Glide Ultra Classic, Police Electra Glide, Police Road King, Road King, Road King Special, Street Glide, Street Glide Special, Road Glide and Road Glide Special motorcycles built from July 2 through May 9, the paper reported. The Milwaukee-based company(HOG) said it had nine reports of oil lines coming off bikes, causing two crashes and one injury. A clamp on an engine oil cooler line may have been incorrectly installed, said the company. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/companies/harley-davidson-is-recalling-57000-motorcycles/ar-BBBVR1H?li=AAgh0dA&ocid=mailsignout
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    Ever since that Tower of Babel inci­dent way back in his­tory, we of the human race have been engaged in diverse forms of racial, religious and socio-economic one-upmanship. Some sub­tle, some overt. The peren­nial ques­tion: why is race is such a light­n­ing rod? In the USA, it has been debated ad-infinitum and unfor­tu­nately may not be answered for yet another gen­er­a­tion. One would expect more mature, rea­soned think­ing and accep­tance of this unavoid­able and patently obvi­ous fact; we are all inter­wo­ven with DNA strands that dis­tin­guish (all of) us as being from the same human race. Apparently some individuals beg to differ. One notable case in point. Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America in 2014. Her plan was to follow her family tradition in medicine and become a cardiologist. She also happens to be of East Indian descent. Interestingly there are those who have chosen to denigrate her based on culture, but somehow adroitly miss the substantive fact that she is highly intelligent and was born in the USA. One online writer (The Thinking Housewife) even stated that because of Ms. Davulri’s appreciation and promotion of diversity in the pageant, that must mean “…she is proud that she is not a white American.” In a word….."Wow!" In North Amer­ica, certain "official" elements of authority, admit to profiling whole people groups, mainly because they “look the part”. All this in an inane attempt at fostering public security. This unfor­tu­nate response has been adopted by hate-filled, ide­o­log­i­cally stunted indi­vid­u­als; arguably, those with less officious mindsets. They cat­e­go­rize peo­ple out of fear, and by doing so, cul­tur­ally cas­ti­gate them out of igno­rance. This not only diminishes a person's humanity; it strips us all of human dignity. Here in Canada, racial issues are no less real and can appear to be less in-your-face; at least in con­trast to our neigh­bours south of the 49th par­al­lel. Yes, I am aware many in Canada have been, and con­tinue to be, on the receiv­ing end of overt expres­sions of racism. While that may be an uncomfortable truth to digest, at ­times I wonder if sub­tler forms of racial intol­er­ance are more insid­i­ous than those that usually motivate a person to go eye­ball to eye­ball with iden­ti­fi­able, intractable narrow-mindedness. February has been set aside as Black History month. Ostensibly to celebrate and honour the achievements of those past and present who have an African ancestral line. While I applaud the intent of the accorded honour, there are those who wonder if it really accomplishes what it sets out to do. Some argue that it is just a method to assuage any latent colonial guilt of the majority who oversaw unfortunate things like the early African Slave Trade, or legal segregation, (schools, public transport etc). There will always be those who look with disdain, suspicion, or outright hostility on certain indigenous, cultural, or religious groups, without having one lick of understanding about who they are, or what their life is like. This year will mark my 37th year in Canada after emigrating from Jamaica in the West Indies. I left a country where I was in the majority. Arriving in Canada, I attained minority status. I was still the same 16 year old who left Jamaica, wide-eyed and fascinated; eager to embrace a new culture, but a 3.5 hour flight adjusted my geolocation sufficiently to render me "different" in the eyes of some. Thankfully I had parents who had grounded me in the realities of life. I was taught that not everyone would accept, or in some cases even acknowledge me. Solely based on the fact that I did not have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to travel to destinations to acquire a tan, which would eventually fade 2 weeks after returning. But if truth be told, I have had way more good than bad happen while living in Canada. While I am grateful for the country of my birth, proud and not ashamed of my heritage, Canada, of which I am a citizen, is my home. My French Cana­dian wife and I have taught our (now adult) chil­dren that char­ac­ter traits such as integrity, com­pas­sion, for­give­ness, courage, among oth­ers, go a long way in defin­ing who they are. Exter­nal dif­fer­ences such as skin colour, hair type; the shape of your nose or lips, among other read­ily rec­og­nized phys­i­cal fea­tures that dif­fer­en­ti­ate the global pop­u­lace, also affirms and pro­motes what I like to refer to as the “unique cohe­sive­ness of diversity”. I pray that February is not a once-a-year crutch for some to appease guilt; or others to foster guilt, by always throwing the racial horrors of the past into our faces. While I will always advocate the need to remember history, let us seriously try to learn from it; by not staying in the past, but embracing the future with all people groups, so that our next gen­er­a­tion will take up the man­tle of inclu­sive­ness and accep­tance with more under­stand­ing and aware­ness than their predecessors. Arabian & Jewish Children - Image sourced from zazzle.com. Images of Nina Davuluri sourced from her Twitter Page & PageantProfessors.com Family image - mine
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    We would like to congratulate Jackie Bradley - Invoice #69 on winning the Early Bird Draw!! Happy Fishing!
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    A few days ago, I was listening to a CBC television newscast showcasing a young Quebec filmmaker by the name of Xavier Dolan. This admittedly young, brash, yet gifted filmmaker, has been dubbed The Québécois L'Enfant Terrible. After all, where does a fresh-faced 25-year-old, get off winning the prestigious Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for his just released film Mommy? Decades-old, entrenched filmmakers of his genre, have continually looked down their noses at such young up and coming unorthodox filmmakers. Breaking stereotypes, and shattering molds, seems to be the new normal; as far as new, talented Quebec filmmakers are concerned anyway. So what does this have to do with bikers? Well, in my opinion, everything. A stereotype, once dissected and laid bare, usually verifies its own definition. A descriptive aberration of the oversimplification of a partial truth. The unfortunate and widely held mystique of the "biker" promotes the image of a 'rebel without a cause'; individuals with apparent dysfunctional, untrustworthy attitudes, borne out of seemingly rebellious natures, replete with a radical death wish predisposition. While there are unsavoury, immature individuals who utilize motorcycles, that does not necessarily translate into all participants of this two-wheeled genre being poster children for the Hells Angels. An unfortunate side effect of all this is that the culture becomes inundated with misinterpretation and preconceived notions from within and without. These attitudes are also pervasive within the subculture itself. If you ride a cruiser you may not necessarily look on with favour, those who do not ride that type of motorcycle. Or if you do not subscribe to the "Sons of Anarchy" mentality, even in pretense (which has its own inherent and dangerous traps) then you are catalogued and classified as an outsider; or a biker 'wannabe'. If you missed the irony in that last statement, that would be akin to you not seeing a screaming naked person running in circles around you as you tried to order coffee in a Tim Hortons check out line. Just saying :). I know of which I speak, because I have been on the receiving end of that kind of short-sighted thinking several times over. Let's be honest, we all unfortunately maintain some level of prejudice or bias based upon our preconceived notions of how things should or should not be, along with our likes and dislikes. These preconceptions have come about through our upbringing, our environment, and from things that have made an impact on us, whether for good or for ill. What we do about that type of thinking and how we comport ourselves (as individuals first; bikers second) moving forward, is the question we should be asking ourselves. With that said, I have a confession to make. When dealing with idiotic twits (are there any other kinds?), there have been times when I have said to myself, why bother? Why wrestle with those whose thought processes are intractable, narrow-minded, or self-serving? Why acknowledge them? Why give them the time of day? Then I am reminded that I too am a part of this whole global culture. I make up a part of the human race. No matter what or how I think, I cannot extract myself from the people of this planet. Yes, I will disagree with some of their ideas, or ways of doing things, but I am a part of the whole. That in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact I believe it has great intrinsic value. It means I not only have the opportunity, but the right to offer something of value back to the community. Why should I be robbed of the opportunity to promote something good or worthwhile, because of someone else's insecurities? The Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers Social Riding Club effectively stretches between Canada's east and west coasts. It consists of individuals in different provinces and cities with different types of motorcycles from different walks of life with different ways of thinking. Some look as if they eat nails for breakfast and dress the part accordingly, but in truth are the most gentle, kind, grandparents, doctors, teachers, pharmacists, mechanics, electricians among others, you could ever meet; while others look as if they have just stepped off the covers of GQ or Cosmopolitan magazines, but may not seem immediately warm and friendly. The point is if you judge a book by its cover, you risk losing the opportunity of discovering the value of the content within. The CMC has an underlying and refreshingly realistic mandate; you may not be able to make friends with everyone, but at a minimum show respect to everyone and hopefully you should expect the same in return. Essentially we are a microcosm of humanity who just happen to have a thing for motorcycles. My association with the CMC began in July 2008, with a small chapter, in a small town, in a rural county in Southwest Ontario. Through that initial association I volunteered to become one of the maintainers and official coordinator of our national online forum. So I've had some time to witness the evolution of our riding club as it has progressed over the years I have been a part of it. Attitudes change, people come and go and yes, there been times when I thought about not being a part of CMC. The encouraging thing is that you're allowed to think that way. You're not mandated to be here permanently. You're free to come and go. If it is not enjoyable anymore you are not constrained to stay. You prioritize what is of value for you. Your family comes first. Your health comes first. Your job comes first. Your lifestyle comes first. Something that was of great assistance in helping me during a period when I was feeling a bit disillusioned about my role or value in CMC, (only as far as I was concerned), was when I met George. George is one of the friendliest, most unassuming, jovial, characters you will ever meet. George unfortunately had to have one of his legs amputated a few years ago, but that is not stopped him from participating in rides and meet ups as a new member in our local chapter. George's best friend and confidant, also joined our chapter recently and the two are inseparable. You see George rides in his friend's sidecar which his friend built just for him. Also George happens to be an English Bulldog. Seriously. I cannot quite put my finger on it but, Sir George and his friend/master brought something unique and special to our meetings and rides. Yes he is quite the 'Babe Magnet', (George that is) but beyond that, both of them have engendered a new sense of cohesiveness to our small chapter. They, as well as recent new members to our chapter, have demolished myths and reestablished a fresh camaraderie among the chapter members. It's little things like this that help when we need to reevaluate our own lives, not just as bikers, but individuals who have to face life with it's inherent struggles on a daily basis. We may ride motorcycles and maybe even look as if we just stepped off of some 14th-century Viking ship with body parts studded with metal, or wear strange helmets reminiscent of some post apocalyptic era, but beneath the leather and iron-mongering, we all have dreams and desires for our lives just like anyone else. Image Source - Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/motorcycles/comments/2x27xj/bought_a_gopro_this_week_never_going_back/
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    And to get the ball rolling, I have a large private yard, that if any member would like to pitch their tent on for a couple days after the rally. You are welcome to come and stay at my home. Warning, I have two Large dogs who are friendly but dumb and clumsy, and a cat who loves too much.
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    so this is for when you can not ride due to PMS, my bike is insured all year hehe..anyway ..on Ambergris Caye in Belize, there is a bar .. and in this bar is a momento of the CMC I offer you all a haven in bad weather come to Belize visit this place and leave your mark .. Mat Stovel of the 091 will be able to find his signature on a harley plate hanging on a beam, they found if after Earl had ripped the whole place down. So when it's cold and dark outside .. get on a plane and go here .. make sure you add your name and patch to the wall though ... there is a big space for lots of you to join us .. Feb 2018
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    Cycle BC Rentals has a location in Vancouver and Victoria. They offer a good range of motorcycles. https://vancouver.cyclebc.ca/ https://victoria.cyclebc.ca/
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    Today as I look out my window, I no longer see the green of the park or the flag fluttering in the breeze, but I see the mountains and the sea from my chair in the living room. The mountains have a "cloud halo" where the clouds ring the middle portion of the mountains. The sea is calm as the single freighter makes its way to the harbours in Seattle. But today, I think the halo has a special meaning. You see, today we send one of our brothers home. He will take that one last ride and those clouds will be there to steady him as he travels and when he gets to those pearly gates, he will be greeted by his brother who left us several years go and his other brothers from across the land. It is not a time to morn, a time to cry or a time to be sad, rather a time to smile at all of the crazy things Recycle said and did. A time to remember that ear-to-ear grin when he was on his Red Steed. His wave to everyone on two wheels - yes, even scooters. A time to share that smile and remember times like when he looked into his empty beer bottle and swore there was someone drinking it because it emptied too soon, or when he bit into his hotdog and it shot out the other end like a cartoon clip. Ron was a man like no other, he is Recycle, CMC65092 If you would like to donate to Ron's Memorial Fund, please go to: http://cmc-victoria.com/donate.html Thank you. Safe journey home brother Ron. We are going to miss you. RIP
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    After a lot of good suggestions given and bantered about, I have made a submission to National (Fireden) to be considered for adoption by CMC riders. This proposal seems to be the simplest and just an enhancement of our already used hand signals. The one concept to make note of is that one must consider a Roundabout like an intersection. Basically, the proposal is as follows: Consider a roundabout similar to an intersection, albeit round in stead of square. When approaching a Roundabout, signal single file and get into the appropriate lane as per the lane markings. Then make one of the following hand signals indicating to followers, where to exit the circle. Use a right turn hand signal for exiting at the first exit. Signal a left turn for exiting at the third exit. This is the same for square intersections. If travelling straight through the Roundabout (second exit), then no additional hand signal is required beyond the single file signal. Very Simple. And if the intention is to go through the circle and head back the way you came, then add the U-Turn signal. When exiting the circle, all vehicles must signal 'Right'. As there are many levels of skill with our membership, it is recommended that only a signal light is necessary when exiting. There is no safe place for a fallback rider. With these hand signals, our members should be able to follow if the ride is broken up. For a Roundabout with more than four exits, then it is suggested that the lead rider explain at the pre-ride, that an appropriate hand signal (such as 4 fingers or whatever the leader chooses) will be used. If this submission is approved by the CMC council, then I would expect it to be added our Riding Directives. Thanks to all, Gator
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    You are most welcome Chris Yes, we miss Mike and George immensely and our loss is your great fortune; and I know they are in great hands! Stafford
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    I am thrilled I stumbled upon this article. Very nicely written and it strikes a chord with me as well. I too believe in the CMC and it's people but more importantly in the unique individuals that make up this great organization. Sir George and his friend Mike have moved and we are the lucky chapter that they have chosen to ride with and I can say with all honesty that we too are proud to have them both aboard. Thank you Stafford for your wise words. These are the types of articles we need more of in our lives. Thank you. 1ST Officer Chris (Stewman) Stewart.
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    I really like you're comments. I am disabled. I ride a cruiser. I have a handicap decal on my license plate. I love the looks I get when I dismount my ride, and open a saddlebag to unfold my canes. Better yet, I love the space I am given on the 400 highways when I wear my colours. I wear a vest with patches, therefore I am a one percenter that needs to be left my space. I have taken advantage of people prejudices for many years, this is just another example. yay for the CMC. We don't care who you are, as long as you ride. Fellowship of the two wheels. Dood
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    I totally agree Trixie, and you are bang on about perspective. Back in the late 70’s I, along with my family were visiting Holland, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. To a 14 year old (me) and my younger brother (9), seeing all of the Swedish blond-haired blued eyed kids our age prompted us to want to get to know them. Not because of their physical features, but because they were kids like us. (Well...truthfully, I was somewhat enamoured by the Swedish girls) From the perspective of a young teenager who was brought up without colour distinction (one of my great-grandmothers was Scottish and blonde), watching how adults treated our family on that trip affected me deeply. One night on a cruise ship crossing a lake in Sweden, our family sat with people who were on a tour with us. At the dining table, everyone around us were served food, We were never served. Never before and never since, have I heard my father raise his voice. The ship's captain rightfully came and apologized. At 14 I could not reconcile why that would have happened. Some years later I found out my parents had purposely brought their children to Europe to actually prepare us for similar eventualities (unbeknownst to me then) before moving to Canada. They needed their children to learn how to handle the unpleasantness of narrow mindedness and intolerance. I am an adult now and the lessons continue; but much progress has thankfully been made.
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    Thanks Eric. Some intriguing points. Yes, it just takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch. Culturally, I too have also been painted with the broad strokes of misconception because of the unacceptable behaviour of a few. Speaking to how society views an individual from a cultural standpoint, looking at your examples of the expectations of those celebrating America's Independence Day or Canada Day, I sometimes wonder why the celebrations do not showcase what came before their respective Independence/Confederation inaugurations. There were indigenous people living for generations on the continent before being "discovered". This is not to take away from America's or Canada's substance as thriving, modern First World countries. But I feel it is incumbent on our current (and pending future) generation(s) to remember the historical and cultural foundations that have brought about any greatness we now enjoy. The diversity of culture was in evidence at the inception of Canada and the US; and while history recorded those times as not the proudest of moments at the birth of each of those nations, (ie. how the initial inhabitants were treated), I would hope that in this day and age at least some lessons would have been learned and acted upon from the past. But as you so eloquently pointed out; society can be dumb. May our children not carry our DNA of ignorance and intolerance any further.
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    I won't pretend I have experienced racism to the extreme degree that some have nor do I feel I am denied opportunities due to it as sadly many do BUT I would like to throw it out there that everyone will be racially profiled at a point in their life. This is something we should all strive to eradicate but even being a enthusiastic optimist I know in my heart we will likely never get to as a society. So, the best strategy is to not let "the man" get you down. Keep pushing forward, believe in yourself and embrace differences in others....perhaps by being willing to do so yourself, it may just encourage or empower others to stop being afraid of differences and to stop blaming the way someone looks.sounds, lives for why they feel 'less'. Afterall, judgement and hate have little to do with the person it is directed at as much as it is a manifestation of a persons fears and insecurity. The opposite of love is indifference, not hate. Hate stems from a deep seated unhappiness in ones self. Perspective. A little while ago I was listening to a co-worker from NIgeria mention he told his kids to be careful of their actions when out with friends, to make wise choices as they would racially be the one to blame in a group of "white kids" if a crime was committed. At first I was taken aback, but with a little thought I understood that in reality, right or wrong, this was true. THis was just a Dad wanting to protect his kids. I did mention that although that was true we were not the only race that draws racially inaccurate conclusions. "Tell me" I said with a lazy smile "If I walked into a party at your house, are you telling me I wouldn't be judged?" He smiled back and nodded in confirmation. While we have come great strides, we all still have a long way to go. Good news is there are lots of people who want this
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