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    This maybe early but some people have been asking. The 2018 Anniversary Brunch will be Hosted by 028 London on Sunday Nov 4/18, more info will follow next fall or when needed. I want to thank Ken and Christine Whittaker and the 030 Fergus/Elora Chapter for all they have done Hosting the Brunch! It will be a tough act to follow. Glenn
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    go to www.bigpawshop.com for all your dog needs use code cmc20 at checkout and 20% of entire order will go to cmc for children wish foundation
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    11th National Rally Coombs BC, was held at the Coombs Rodeo Grounds a couple of weekends ago this is my video of what took place. I could only cover so much, I hope you like it. Please do not share this video outside the CMC hopefully this will bring back some smiles and good stories .. thanks to the 008 for putting together a great rally
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    Just a friendly reminder to all members of the CMC that our CMC Forum is and should be considered as the prime source of communication for our membership. While there is no denying that Face Book is certainly probably one of the most popular social media communication tools available, we are still committed to our own forum to operate our riding club on. Your CMC Board of Provincial & Regional Officers along with Stafford, Irma & Mike put a lot of volunteer time into keeping the forum and the club in general running for everyone's enjoyment and pleasure. I would ask you to encourage and promote the CMC forum to all your chapter's members and if they are having trouble signing on or remembering their user name or password to contact our membership co-coordinator Irma Hajer @ cmc.membership@bell.net and she will gladly assist anyone in getting set up. I do realize like as my own chapter we do have a chapter Face Book page but as a member of your chapter you should be encouraging your fellow members to follow your lead and use the CMC forum instead of promoting the use of other places or sites. If we do not use the CMC forum to its fullest extent it becomes very discouraging for all involved and as we can all attest sometimes it is difficult enough. Any questions or concerns please let me know or post on here to share with the rest of your counterparts. thanks Dennis
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    Sadly, Linda McNair passed away suddenly on November 24th In her honour, we retire #21015 from our Strathroy, ON chapter. Our deepest condolences to Greg and their family and friends. -Irma posted in 021 at this link: http://www.cmcnational.ca/forums/topic/36174-sadly-we-retire-21015-linda-mcnair/?tab=comments#comment-183076
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