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    CMC Bylaws & Guidelines - Revised Feb 2018 The Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers (CMC) community is a family-oriented, social riding club consisting of fun-loving, enthusiastic individuals representing diverse races, creeds and colours. In order to foster an atmosphere of understanding, safety and inclusivity, the following guidelines have been made available. All members of CMC are required to be aware of, maintain compliance with, and sign off as required, on any of the following guidelines and waivers. ARTICLE 1 – CLUB CREATION AND NAME 1.1 This riding club shall be known as the “CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS.” This may be abbreviated as “CMC”. 1.2 The “CMC” Riding Club was founded in Cambridge, ON, in November 2006. The CMC has a National Officer as the head, a Provincial Officer Board consisting of National Officer, Provincial Officers, and Regional Officers; having autonomous decision making authority on all aspects of the CMC. The National Officer will have input equal to that of other members of the Board. The National Officer may not change or reverse a decision made by the National Officers Board. Decisions will be made by consensus of the National Officers Board, in the best interest of the CMC. The National Officer will make a final decision ONLY if the National Officers Board is deadlocked and a majority position is not attainable. The CMC is also represented by Chapter level officers. ARTICLE 2 – PURPOSE 2.1 The purpose of the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) is to provide a safe, family based riding and social club. It is a volunteer, non-voting riding only club; the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) exists as not for profit. ARTICLE 3 – MEMBERSHIP 3.1 Criteria: Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in motorcycles and or motorcycling (taking note of sections 3.6 and 3.7 below). However, given that the Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers is a private family-friendly, social riding club, it therefore reserves the right to refuse membership applications, should it be deemed in the best interest of the club. 3.2 Members will agree to adhere to the club bylaws. 3.3 Members must meet the membership criteria. 3.4 Members will agree with the club purpose. 3.5 Members are required to maintain good standing in terms of conduct. 3.6 Members must reside in Canada for at least 6 months of the year and must maintain a Canadian postal address. Grandfather clause is applied to current members that have moved from Canada but are still active with the Chapter. 3.7 Riders must possess a Canadian Provincial Driver’s License properly endorsed for motorcycle riding in the Province that issued it. This license must be produced to the Chapter’s First Officer (or his delegate) or the Road Captain upon request and comply with Article 14.2.6 3.8 Members agree that they are responsible for their own safety and conduct. 3.9 Participation in any club event is at their own risk and, as such, cannot hold the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) responsible for any mishap, incident or accident; nor is it implied that the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) is open to suit or litigation. 3.10 Any member who passes away will have their membership number retired. 3.11 Members may belong to other riding clubs such as brand specific or International Riding clubs, Motorcycle Clubs or other riding organizations, however recruiting CMC members for enrolment to that club may be grounds for improper conduct and thus dismissal from the CMC. 3.12 Members are not required to hold office and do not have voting rights. 3.13 Members not active within 90 days of joining, will be deleted from Chapter rosters at the 1st Officer’s discretion. (Exceptions may include military personnel, snowbirds, illness, etc). 3.14 Dormant memberships will be purged annually in November. The purging of Lone Riders will be the responsibility of the Regional, Provincial or the National Officer only. 3.15 Members not living within a 100 km "catchment area" of the nearest Chapter may join the Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers as a Lone Rider. This is the only justification for being a Lone Rider. This member will be given all rights and privileges as any other member of the CMC and will be included on the National and Provincial roster(s) to ensure local updates. As a Lone Rider, you will not be able to hold an Officer's position within a local Chapter. It will be the responsibility of the Lone Rider to keep current on all provincial activities by participating on the National forum and to actively participate in Provincial Chapters' events. ARTICLE 4 – DUES 4.1 Membership to the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) is free. There will never be a membership fee to remain in the club. No chapter may maintain a bank account under the name CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC). 4.2 No chapter may present or sponsor an event without the written approval of National. Insurance for an event must be carried by the venue or individual presenting the event. The CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) will not insure any event, ride or social activity. ARTICLE 5 – MEETINGS 5.1 There are no formal meetings of the membership; however the officers may meet (periodically) to discuss club related business and issues. ARTICLE 6 – CLUB OFFICERS 6.1 The club shall be administered by the following officers: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and Financial Officer. Chapters may increase officer ranks to reflect individual chapter needs. Any Officer designation (outside of those outlined above) must be approved by their Provincial, Regional, and/or National Officer 6.2 Road Captain: organizes and leads/tailguns the group during a riding event or group rides. 6.2.1 Road Captains must have taken part in a group riding program that covers the planning, procedures, safety, signals and other relevant factors for a group riding activity. 6.2.2 Members must be group riding approved by a Road Captains before proceeding on a CMC ride. 6.3 Officers shall be eligible for reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred during the administration of club business by submitting a request with receipts to the First Officer, who will deal with the Financial Officer, all chapter funds are the responsibility of the First Officer who may delegate to a Financial Officer. 6.4 No officer may hold an executive or officer designation with any other motorcycle or riding club. ARTICLE 7 – DUTIES OF OFFICERS 7.1 It is the responsibility of all Officers to adhere to and put in practice all CMC bylaws. 7.2 All officers must report to the First Officer for any and all chapter issues. The First Officer will consider all remarks and render a decision that he/she feels is best for the club. The First Officer’s decision is final. The First Officer will consult with the Provincial Officer/Regional Officer or National Officer to make the decision best for the CMC and Chapter. 7.3 Should a Chapter’s 1st Officer feel it necessary and appropriate to remove a Member from the Chapter and / or the CMC for bylaw violations, the 1st Officer must inform and consult with the Regional Officer (or in the case where there is no Regional Officer, the Provincial Officer) before final decision to remove a member is made. The Regional Officer will inform Provincial Officer so he/she is aware of situation. Upon approval, this removal will then be forwarded by the Regional Officer to the National Membership Coordinator for entry into the National Rosters. ARTICLE 8 – APPOINTMENT OF OFFICERS 8.1 The First Officer will appoint Officers as needed or required to fill vacancies, and will inform the CMC Membership Coordinator and their respective Regional or Provincial Officer of these changes or additions. The First Officer can appoint his/her replacement but only after consultation with their respective Regional/Provincial or National Officer. 8.2 Instalment or replacement of: National Officer, Provincial Officer, or Regional Officer, must be made by consensus of the Provincial Officer Board. 8.3 Any National, Provincial, Regional or 1st Officer, being either unable, or unwilling to fulfill duties required of the National Officers Board, due to personal, health, work, absence, or other reason, may be removed from their position, upon consensus of the National Officers Board. 8.4 All such decisions must be made maintaining Article 10 “Conduct” of the CMC, and with respect. ARTICLE 9 – APPOINTMENTS AND COMMITTEES 9.1 Appointments and Committees are positions in the club that are of a voluntary nature. 9.2 These positions are appointed by the First Officer and can include, but are not limited to road captains, event coordinators, social convenors, etc. ARTICLE 10 – CONDUCT 10.1 All participants agree to adhere to CMC riding protocols and proper social etiquette. Any member of the club may be dismissed from the CMC, a club meeting or any club activity as a result of inappropriate behaviour/conduct. The member shall be warned concerning such inappropriate conduct by an Officer or Road Captain. The following shall be the basis for, but not limited to, inappropriate behaviour and disciplinary measures: 10.1.1 Wild, unsafe riding habits; especially any activity which jeopardizes the safety of other persons. 10.1.2 Inappropriate or obnoxious behaviour that is detrimental to the image of the club or any member or officer. 10.1.3 Consumption of alcohol or any other potentially impairing substance by a motorcycle operator prior to or during any ride organized and posted by a chapter, its Officers or a qualified Road Captain. 10.1.4 Solicitations of members for the purpose of joining another club. 10.1.5 Threatening or verbally intimidating or harassment of a member. ARTICLE 11 – NON-MEMBER GUESTS 11.1 Non-member guests are welcome at general meetings, rides, and social gatherings of the CMC so long as they are invited guests and they agree to abide by CMC rules and ride guidelines. Each regular member may invite one (1) non-member guest to a club event, more upon consultation with the Officer/person in charge of the event. 11.2 Guests must agree to abide by club rules and standards of conduct. ARTICLE 12 – CRESTS, LOGO & PATCHES 12.1 All crests and logo designs are property of the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC). Only the National can commission the production and distribution of Promotional Product, including, but not limited to: Crests, Clothing, Hats, Stickers, Event Banners, or any product bearing the Madison or CMC designation. 12.2 All third party items must be approved by National and distributed by the First and Second Officers of each chapter. Any reproduction in any way of the Madison must be approved by National. 12.3 Any profits from Sections above become property of CMC. A quarterly report of CMC funds will be provided to the Provincial Officer Board by the National Financial Officer, or Officer with access to the same information. 12.4 The riding crest will never be referred to as colours. It will never be worn with other motorcycle club patches. Riding clubs and brand specific logos/crests are welcomed to be shared with the CMC logo (Madison). Our crest is called the “Madison” in honour of the 10 year old girl that won our design contest. (Madison Smith). 12.5 The riding crest will never be worn with rockers, 1%, MC or colour designations. Our riding crest is purchased, not earned. 12.6 The riding crest is used only as identification of the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) and not a MC designation. 12.7 No Territory or location badge/patch will be worn on the back with the CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) crest. 12.8 CMC (Chapter number and chapter name) may be worn on the front left of the vest / jacket only. 12.9 CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) encourages all members to proudly wear a Canadian Flag crest on the left front of their vest / jacket. 12.10 No other countries flag can be worn above or beside the Canadian Flag. The CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) is 100% Canadian. 12.11 Crests may only be purchased from CMC National or through your Provincial/Regional/Chapter Officers. Cost is plus taxes and shipping if applicable.. Email for your order. ARTICLE 13 – CHAPTERS 13.1 All CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS (CMC) chapters must adhere to these bylaws. 13.2 All chapter decisions will be made by the chapters First Officer. If the First Officer is not able to render decisions or commission the rules and code of conduct due to negligence or sickness, the Provincial/Regional Officer (or his appointee) will assume operation of that chapter until the First Officer can return to his/her capacity or a new First Officer is appointed. 13.3 All chapters must purchase their crests from National . The crest may not be reproduced in part or in whole for any reason. Any member with a counterfeit crest will be removed from the CMC membership and subject to legal repercussions. 13.4 Transfers between chapters due to relocation is permitted and does not require National Officers Board approval. Chapter 1st Officer will be notified and welcome the transferring member accordingly. Transfer requests to another chapter for reasons other than relocation, such as personal issues, will be reviewed on an individual basis. After appropriate National Officers Board member has reviewed request, he/she will make decision to permit or decline request. Administration and 1st will then be notified of final decision. ARTICLE 14 – CLUB RIDING 14.1 All members and guests participating in any riding activity: 14.2.1 Shall wear a helmet compliant with CSA and/or DOT helmet standards where applicable by law, and appropriate closed toe footwear. 14.2.2 Shall wear eye protection such as goggles, face-shield, safety eyewear, including prescription eyewear; meeting shatter or impact standards. 14.2.3 Are highly recommended to also wear long pants, long-sleeved shirt or jacket and full-fingered gloves. 14.2.4 Shall be properly motorcycle licensed to ride a motorcycle. And ride only a legally registered, licensed and insured vehicle that they are operating. 14.2.5 Shall keep their motorcycle in proper operating condition, including, but not limited to, vehicle equipment and operation requirements set forth in the Provincial Motorcycle Vehicle Act. 14.2.6 Provide proof of license, registration, insurance and will allow the inspection of their vehicle and equipment, done by any club officer or road captain who then may deny participation for failure to meet standards in the interest of the group’s safety. ARTICLE 15 – CMC PARTICIPATION / RESPONSIBILITY & LIABILITY WAIVER(S) 15.1 Each individual participates in activities solely by choice. Any participation relinquishes any responsibility of the CMC as an organization, for any and all liabilities resulting in participation in any club ride, gathering or social activity. 15.2 All activities and events must comply with any and all Provincial or local laws and ordinances. Any personal injury or property damage resulting during a club ride or social activity at any time, becomes the responsibility of the individual parties directly involved only, and at no time shall the CMC be held liable. 15.3 Any individual involved in any illegal activities will be immediately suspended from the CMC until a further review of the situation by their Provincial/Regional Officer and subject to immediate removal from all club rosters and membership roles and will be forbidden to claim any and all association with the CMC. 15.4 All individuals participating in any CMC club ride, gathering or social activity, will be required to accept these terms and conditions by reading and signing off on the Bylaws and any required or pertinent waiver form(s), prior to any CMC club ride, gathering or social activity. 15.5 Waiver Forms may be downloaded here. Please note, by not agreeing to these terms and conditions you will forfeit your eligibility to partake in any CMC rides and activities. ARTICLE 16 - OPERATING PROCEDURES FOR CMC CHAPTER FACEBOOK PAGES 16.1 A CMC Chapter FaceBook page will be a closed group. Any chapter that is not already closed must do so immediately. 16.2 A CMC Chapter FaceBook Page will be administered by the 1st officer or his/her delegates 16.3 A CMC Chapter FaceBook Page will be open to all CMC members - New CMC members welcomed on FB must have been processed through the forum registration process first. Example of past issues: member is welcomed on FB as CMC member but in reality the National Membership Coordinator has no record of person joining CMC. Members from other chapters wanting to join a chapter FaceBook page can be verified as members by the National Membership Coordinator beforehand. 16.4 All CMC Chapter FaceBook Pages will adhere to CMC Bylaws & Chat guidelines - link to the bylaws can be found on the bottom right corner of any page on the forum. 16.5 Any & all CMC information such as CMC rides, M/G, new member welcomes, retired/injured CMC member, officer status change etc must also be posted on CMC National forum. This document is binding to all established and future CMC FB pages. Any FB page using the CMC name/trademark that is found not to be following these stated rules, may/will be closed. Revised Feb 2018
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    Your cards will be available from your 1st Officer but I believe Marie Charron is looking after it for Ottawa.
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    prep,cook and serve thousands of hotdogs with the Optimist club of Windsor. More info to follow.
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    During our Road Trip to Orlando we made sure to spend a day at Daytona Bike Week. What a fun time!
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    I'm Helping to Plan the Ralley for 2018, I'm in charge of Safety looking for advice from anyone who has done this role in the past. Cheers
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    Just home after a 12 hour fun filled day of a bit of riding, a bit of eating, some ice cream, a awesome BBQ, lots of laughs, bunch of hugs and all around good times. I even had a chance to squeeze in a wee nap. Thank you to all friends and fellow CMC members for being part of a great drama and stress free day, the closest thing to a headache was brain freeze from ice cream and only thing hurt was my eye from a rather nasty attack of hurled popcorn. I really wish this day would have been recorded so it could have been used as a training video to demonstrate how much fun the CMC should be. Thank you all, I needed a reminder of how it can be.
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    The rain held off all day and made this an enjoyable excursion. Many friends from other chapters came to enjoy the day and to share our 5th year as CMC 093 Ottawa Valley.Talk about community...we had friends from 011 Ottawa, 096 Renfrew, 098 Bancroft, 092 Haliburton Highlands and of course 093 Ottawa Valley, also, our friends of UN/NATO Upper Ottawa Valley and guest riders. Equinox
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    Hi Everyone! Well, hopefully spring is here for most of us. I have had my bike out twice, and it snowed the next day both times. I am going to risk it again today and go for a short ride with my friends. Like most riders, I waited patiently for that first ride, and with the winter that seemed to drag on forever, I was beginning to feel a bit caged! The first ride out was tentative, as the roads were covered with sand and grit, but it felt SO AWESOME! I read grizzz's Blob Post about enjoying the small things in life. I also read through the tributes to Tina (from 089) and although I didn't know her, the tributes really tell the story of a courageous lady. I had an idea. There is a challenge on the Internet called the 100 Happy Days Challenge http://100happydays.com - challenges people to focus on things that make them happy, even for a little while. As the site says - We live in times when super-busy schedules have become something to boast about. While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in. The ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, is the base for the bridge towards long term happiness of any human being. 71% of people tried to complete this challenge, but failed quoting lack of time as the main reason.These people simply did not have time to be happy. Do you? If you are up to the challenge, you post a picture every day for 100 days of things that make you happy. You can change the privacy settings to whatever you want, or you can just keep the challenge to yourself. My idea is this - is anyone interested in doing a CMC 100 Happy Day challenge? We could use the hashtag #100HappyDaysCMC or create a forum here for folks to post. What a great way to promote our love of riding, our friendship and the beauty of belonging to CMC!
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    So on Thursday March27th “I was looking out my window” (cheers Grizz) and although the temperature was less than ideal the roads looked very dry. I must admit there was a large amount of sandy areas, and was very determined to avoid these. With that said I rolled my bike out of my garage and started it up. I let the bike warm up about 10 minutes or so, the bike itself was pleading it was ready, it responded with nice crisp throttle rolls. I used the time while the bike was warming up to GEAR UP, I must admit I was a little nervous, not about getting hurt, but rather possibly dropping my bike and being upset at myself for being an idiot So for the first 20 minutes or so I just rode around a 2 block radius of my house, just getting the feel, The only bike I had ridden really was the little Honda CBR125 used at the Humber course. So my Honda Shadow 500 was a very new and different experience compared to the other. After I was comfortable with the handling and controls I ventured a little further from home, This is when I realized that @ 60 kph the wind is stronger than I had anticipated, so back home I went. I thought to myself that was F U N ….. Hmmm. So I went upstairs and put on a pair of sweatpants on underneath my jeans. Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting track pants & jeans are a good alternative to proper weather riding gear, but I just had to get a few more klicks in before putting my bike back in the garage. Thinking about it some more I thought “Oh, I know, I have to go order a new set of contact lenses.” So I planned my route to try avoiding the higher traffic areas, It was going to be about 15 km each way One of my first observations upon arriving at the plaza was how BIG the parking spaces were, backing my bike into a spot I thought to myself “this bike is a lot easier to park than my SUV”. I took a much larger street for my ride home and @ 4 pm it was quite busy. Shortly after getting underway it began to SNOW!, luckily it was just some light flurries and was not enough to even change the colour of the road; I felt much better being on DRY roads. The ride home was very straight, but some good practice in heavier traffic. So all in all I put just over 50 kms for my first ride ever on public roads. It felt AWESOME getting that monkey off my back Cheers Aces N Eights Stay tuned for my next post: My First Ride - Things I did well, and things I need to work on
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    Today as I look out my window, I no longer see the green of the park or the flag fluttering in the breeze, but I see the mountains and the sea from my chair in the living room. The mountains have a "cloud halo" where the clouds ring the middle portion of the mountains. The sea is calm as the single freighter makes its way to the harbours in Seattle. But today, I think the halo has a special meaning. You see, today we send one of our brothers home. He will take that one last ride and those clouds will be there to steady him as he travels and when he gets to those pearly gates, he will be greeted by his brother who left us several years go and his other brothers from across the land. It is not a time to morn, a time to cry or a time to be sad, rather a time to smile at all of the crazy things Recycle said and did. A time to remember that ear-to-ear grin when he was on his Red Steed. His wave to everyone on two wheels - yes, even scooters. A time to share that smile and remember times like when he looked into his empty beer bottle and swore there was someone drinking it because it emptied too soon, or when he bit into his hotdog and it shot out the other end like a cartoon clip. Ron was a man like no other, he is Recycle, CMC65092 If you would like to donate to Ron's Memorial Fund, please go to: http://cmc-victoria.com/donate.html Thank you. Safe journey home brother Ron. We are going to miss you. RIP
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    The CMC has chapters in just about every Province. You may view a list of current chapters by clicking on the Downloads link in the top menu. There you will find the respective home city chapter that may be closest to you. To get in contact with a specific Provincial, Regional or 1st Officer, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate person. We look forward to meeting you.
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    Traveling to Beautiful British Columbia? Be sure to check out the CMC-BC website. All of the BC Chapters are listed here and you will have no problems hooking up with a local member for a ride. http://cmc-bc.com Ride safe all and have a great season!
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    I think once we all learn to use this site......it will be useful when traveling through out Canada...
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    Hey Rob. I can relate! Although I've ridden a Honda Shadow 1100 for years, I'm anxious to get my new HD Fat Boy on the road but am nervous about all the sand still and the fact I've never ridden this beast. I like your planned, slow and cautious approach. I have no plans to rush things.Thanks for the tip. Safe riding dude. Stompper Kawartha Lakes 020 - Peterborough
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    Congrats on a successful first ride. I've found the downside of that is that it just leaves you craving more. Here's to satisfying that craving
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    Reviewed Feb 2018 The Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers is committed to protecting online users' privacy. The purpose of this policy is to inform you about the types of information we gather when you visit or interact with the website and how we may use that information. Email and Electronic Forms If you send us an email message or fill out an electronic form with a question or comment that contains personal and/or identifiable information, we will only use that information to respond to your request, enable any registration requirements, or on occasion forward CMC-related information. We may redirect your message to another person, who is in a better position to answer your question. Under no circumstance will we give your information to any source that is not qualified, equipped or permitted to expedite and/or process your information. We collect some information that may be used for site traffic and statistical analysis, that helps us manage our web site and eCommerce store. Information Collected for Statistical Purposes We automatically collect electronically generated information about any visits to our site, such as the date, type of browser used, and technical Internet protocol data. We collect this information about each user session from our user logs, and refer to it in summary form for statistical purposes. No personal information is captured or retrieved from this type of information collection. Control of Personal Information At any time, while accessing our site, any user, while online, may decline participation in any activity that asks for information (e.g. surveys, email, or electronic services). Your choice not to participate will in no way affect your ability to use any other features on our site. In online applications that ask for personal information, you also are provided the option of cancelling or clearing all fields of information and terminating the application. Use of Cookies We do not use persistent cookies to collect permanent information. Use of persistent cookies (which would reside on the user's computer) may be used to increase ease of use. Such a cookie might contain the user's ID number, thereby relieving the user of having to always enter the number. Under this circumstance we will only use a persistent cookie, when you give your permission. We do use non-persistent (session) cookies in applications that keep track of a user's online session and make it possible for you to complete a form or use a function, but this cookie disappears when you finish filling out an application or searching a database. Disclosure To Third Parties Any information that we receive through the use of this website is subject to the same provisions as information provided on paper. Otherwise, we do not share personal identifying information with any third party without your permission. We disclose only in aggregate form our statistical analyses or demographics of users to third parties. This information is not reported or used in any manner that would reveal personally identifiable information and will not be released to any outside parties unless we are legally required to do so in connection with law enforcement investigations or other legal proceedings. Disclosure Exception To Third Parties Other Than Legal Any other access to CMC personal information outside of that required by law, would include only the following: Access to the servers of CMC's host provider (InvisionPower.com). This access is infrequent and will only take place after a formal request is made to CMC by InvisionPower, to allow them admin access for server maintenance (including hardware and/or software conflict resolution). If you believe that The Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers is using your personally identifiable information for a purpose other than outlined in this privacy statement, you may contact the Web Development Team by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. Adherence to PIPEDA Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers endeavours at all times to the proper management of personal information related to user privacy and is set up to be consistent as such with Provincial and Federal requirements. Reviewed Feb 2018
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