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Horse Thief Hideout


065 Victoria, BC

Event details

Leave Victoria on the first ferry, stop in Hope for fuel and coffee.

Stop in Merritt again for fuel and lunch, ride to Kamloops, stay overnight, shared cost for hotel rooms will greatly reduce the overall cost of this ride.

Ride to Horse Thief Hideout on Thursday, stopping as needed along the way.

Information and fees for the rally can be found at http://www.horsethiefhideout.com/

Depart on Sunday for a two day trip back to Victoria.

Being at the Hideout for the weekend means access to roads and rides we nearly never get to experience, besides, it's a pretty good excuse for an epic ride.

Fees for the rally are the sole responsibility of each rider. Please note that the Rally organizers only accept cash on site, plan accordingly.

For those who have the whole week off, this ride could be a good jumping point to do the Banf to Jasper loop, returning to Victoria a few days later.

Stay tuned for more info.

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