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Jasper to Banff Vacation Ride


065 Victoria, BC

Event details

Join us for a 10 day adventure trip thru the Canadian Rockies to Jasper. 

This ride will begin with us all meeting up at the Waddling Dog on Saturday, August 6th at 8:30am. We will be riding for 10 days.  We will be riding from 350 to 400 kms per day, maximum.


So here is the kicker. We do have a route planned but it takes 4 days. Members have opted to make this an old fashioned ride where we will have plenty of time to just cruise comfortably and be able stop and sight see depending on what we find along the way. So to keep maximum flexibility we are not pre arranging stops. Be prepared to both camp as well as hotel it. We have loads of time. We definitely will be spending a day in Banff, Jasper and possibly Whistler.  Some of the other things we need to check out are as many of the hot springs as we can to sooth our old bones and the ice fields as we go up through the mountains.  


Members are expected to have their bikes in shape for a trip this long. We also suggest that you also have BCAA or some type of membership that allows for tows if you become broken down. If you are interested in this ride please email me or post on the forum.  So far there are 5 committed members and loads of more room after the road is long and wide.

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