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Looking Beyond Our 7th Anniversary



I do not think it is mere coincidence that we are embarking on a new venture with a new platform around the same time of our 7th Anniversary.

We have grown not only in numbers, but in positive exposure and credibility. Our community-focused mandate is reflected in our continued involvement with many charitable organizations such as the Children's Wish Foundation. But beyond that, we have become nationally recognized as a group of individuals who exemplify compassion and a genuine willingness to make a difference to the disenfranchised across our country.

This forum is your home. This is where you will be regenerated as you participate in the give and take of social interaction with CMC members all across the country. Each region has its own flavour and distinctiveness and that has transformed our riding club into a representative microcosm of Canada. No where else in Canadian mortorcycling, is there such a diverse group of individuals who have come together, not just for the fun of riding, but building community.

Some of you will recall my original post 5 years ago, (see attached) on my experience in meeting for the first time, the “black leather crowd” that was CMC, and how in a matter of minutes, all preconceived notions were dispelled through the act of a hug from a leather-clad female stranger. I was safe because my wife was also with me, and she received the same from an equally leather-bound male stranger. :) The point is, we are different, but one notable and defining characteristic of our club is that we celebrate those differences with compassion, inclusiveness and respect.

Irma, Mike and I thoroughly enjoyed taking the last three months to prepare this online platform for all of you. Please use it to the fullest. We did not set it up to compete with other social media sites; you are free to use those. We worked hard at setting this forum up to compete for your hearts; the hearts that make up CMC.


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Great job by all involved in this process. You keep us connected everyday. THANK YOU!!!

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Well said Stafford. Both today and 2008. I myself had been off a bike for a number of years and when returning looked for other riders to enjoy the ride. Lots of sites later I joined the 034 in 2009 and have enjoyed the CMC experience completely. I thought we were just going to ride. Never expected the Gatherings, Food, Laughter, and so much compasion. Just being part of the CMC experience is a hell of a ride in itself.


Thank you all my CMC family.


Special Thanks to Stafford, Irma and Mike for all the hard work involved to making our newCMC forum.





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Beautifully stated Stafford.  Thank you for all your hard work overseeing this new platform.  Looking forward to becoming more familiar with it. (((HUGS))) Lizzy

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Thanks everyone :)


I too enjoy being a part of CMC immensely. Cannot wait to see how this club evolves.

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It will take me time to learn,but i like what i see so far. I like the instruction videos ( very helpful ).

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I have only been with CMC045 for a year. But where ever you go the CMC madison is so well known people just come up to you like you have been friends forever. Great group to belong to

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