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New Contest



Oh my, it has been a long time since I was last on to make a post - it seems work has a way in getting the way of having fun these days. Anyway....

We are going to have another contest!!!! A member approached me last week and said that we need to have a bumper sticker in the store. So here is the contest:


The bumper sticker needs to be 11.5" x 3"

Contain the CMC logo

Contain "www.cmcnational.ca"

Theme must be centred around Watch for Motorcycles, Motorcycles are on the road too, etc (similar to Motorcycle Awareness).

CANNOT contain individual chapter information

Must NOT contain copywrite material.

Post your completed works here for judging.

Contest ends July 31st

Winner will recieve a $50 CMC Gear credit and full bragging rights!!

Good luck all!!

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Ted, your link is not accessable.  If you want, send it to me via email and I will post it here.  Mt address is   mike@cmc-bc.com



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Guest Roadkill


This one is from Ted N.




The white background and red outline are intended to be made of reflective material for added visibility.

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Great entries!  Good luck everyone!!  


It will be interesting to see what else is submitted by the end of the month. 


It's going to be tough already for whomever is to declare a winner.



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I have a file to submit for consideration in PDF or ppt but not able to post it here . Who can I send it to so it gets added?

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Guest Ziggy


I like your sticker, Grizzz. Maybe "That could be my mommy or daddy" should should stick out a bit more, since it is the punchline.

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