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The Joy & Shame of Living Vicariously



So, here in Ontario, we are just 5 degrees away from breaching the 0C temperature threshold. It has been what, 4 to 5 weeks since we were above that level? While I will say most anything to massage my state of denial, it’s way past the time when a man’s (or woman’s) heart turns to that old standby…envisioning being on the open road on two wheels.

There are only so many winter-encased bike shows (approximately 2 per year in Toronto & Ottawa) wherein you can fawn and drool over machines that stir the soul. Even more sad is after carting home bags full of new bike brochures from dealers along with pamphlets from motorcycle tour companies, after the bike show ends, you rush home and lock yourself in a dark room, watching videos on YouTube about the bikes you just sat on, less than 2 hours prior; like some deviant outcast of society.

I am embarrassed to say that I seem to be developing a love-hate relationship with the purveyors of online motorcycle video reviews; those who post video exposés of their seemingly always-new motorcycles. These individuals always seem to live and ride in such exotic places as Tahiti or Hawaii; or at a minimum, someplace with an annual mean temperature that would allow for palm trees to grow in Canada on a year-round basis. I assuage my guilt by blaming Winter.

Another thing; where on earth do they find the time and means to go galavanting on 4 week Adventure Rides, touring Europe, or blasting along some Amazonian trail seemingly at will? You would need to be either independently wealthy, or single, or devoid of offspring. Most likely all of the above. I have a mortgage and have to pay bills. In order to accommodate these pseudo-involuntary wallet-leeching endeavours, I have to work! Ahh...if truth be told, I am submitting (slightly) to envy. I even have friends and associates who actually tour the world's continents on their motorcycles for a living. (Ok, maybe I am more than slighty envious)

I am thankful about one thing though...the current ride is paid off. :) So, until Summer tells Spring to grow a pair and dethrone Winter’s insolence, I will have to live (and ride) vicariously through YouTube.

Oh the shame of it all!

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Baby Jack


Yes, I am envious of even the riders here that go on their great trips!  I am hopeful that the light is on at the end of the tunnel - my oldest gets his G1 this year, and that means in another short year, he will have his G2 and HE can drive his brothers to soccer practice!  I am trying to ensure this happens by bribing him by assisting with his astronomical insurance payments (ever try to insure a BOY in HURON COUNTY - insane).  Im a bit realistic though - I am sure that the lure of hanging out with his friends and NOT his brothers may make this deal much tougher to enforce. ;)

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I too fell under the illusion that residing in a rural county would alleviate some of the economic afflictions of urban areas. It was insiduous and crept up on you, but boy did I get a wake up call! Whether it's property taxes of renewing your drivers licence, things seemed to have skyrocketed.


I so identify with your position. I also have a G2-enabled son being insured.

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