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Boy, I am in a total melt down today and I don’t think I am standing alone. For some reason, this winter seems to be dragging on longer than any other year. As I look out my windows today, I can honestly say that I have not seen one motorcycle go by. This is a first, but then again, so is the weather. It is not sure if it wants to rain, or sleet, or snow or shine. The only thing I know for certain is that I am getting a bad, and I do mean BAD case of PMS <parked motorcycle syndrome>.

So, now that I bawled and got that out of my system, here is a nifty neat product soon to hit the market.


Personally, I don’t see myself using a heads up display when I am riding, but then those brainless wonders that fly by me on their crotch rockets might very well have a need for them.

But then, scooting around the internet, I found these the other day. Now this is a product I could sink my teeth into. Add an extra level of safety to your ride.


One last thing before I go today. How many of you carry a medical response card in your wallet? Here is a link to the computer generated card that I carry and strongly recommend for anyone who rides. You never know.


That’s about it for today. See ya tomorrow.

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Hi Grizzz

I actually imported a few units of those helmet brake light goodies. Showed them around town a bit but there wasn't much interest. Gave away most of them as samples, but think I have about 4 left-contact me if interested.


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Those brake light add-ons look interseting.


Saffer, how much does one go for?

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