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Looking Out The Window

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The Sky Is Falling!!!



It is a crazy morning today. I had a totally different column to post this morning, but when I looked out the window I saw it was snowing and on the way into the office I came across two situations that I thought would be a great way to start the day.

You see, here in sunny (or rainy depending on the day) Victoria, we get little snow, hence the reason for all of you easterners (anyone east of Vancouver is an easterner) like to move here. So the obvious joke of the day is, “How can you tell if someone is a native of Victoria?”. “By the way they drive when it snows.”

Oh yes folks. We have the “OMG OMG OMG the sky is falling syndrome” out here. People go into a mass panic; they run to the stores looking for survival gear, they stock up on food, candles, sterno and salt. They jump in their cars are travel at a break neck speed of 10 km/h. If they have a 4x4, it automatically goes into 4L! The phones start ringing with people calling in saying they cannot make it to work (they are the smart ones as their tires are probably bald). It is mass panic. You wait to hear if the Emergency Operations Centres are going to open and if they have room at the shelters. How many schools are going to close today? Are the busses running? Do I need to call a cab to get to work? (why would you call a cab when there is too much snow for you to drive yourself?)

My journey to the office takes about 45 minutes during the week and 20 minutes during the weekend due to the amount of traffic on this poorly planned infrastructure. This is a normal day for me, and today the roads for the most part are very clear because of all the brine they put down, it is snowing very large flakes and they are sticking, but here comes the first encounter….

A van going 30km/h in a 60. I am looking for the slow moving vehicle sign, but there is none so it cannot be a farm vehicle. We soon come to the double lane so I can get around it and discovered that it was a young person, holding tightly to the wheel and focused straight ahead – I mean straight ahead with that OMG OMG OMG look in her face. The shear panic on her face would have been worthy of a $144 ticket for using my cell phone to take a picture.

No sooner did I get around her, I was greeted by a young guy on a motorcycle. It was an old two cylinder, two stroker that looked like it had been around the block more than once. He too was travelling slower than molasses on cold winter’s night, dragging both feet as he went. When we stopped, I saw why – I have more wrinkles on my a$$ than he had tread on his rear tire. There is one born every day they say and he was the one that was dropped on his head as he popped out of the chute.

The only reason I bring this up is that today is Friday and it is a long weekend coming up for us here in BC and we all need a good laugh once in a while. Happy long weekend folks. See you Tuesday.

Drive safely and don't forget - - if it is snowing, try to find something to laugh at. You won't have to look far - they often come to you. :)

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