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The Simpler Life



As I sit here, staring out of my office window, staring at the wet roads and the rain soaked gardens, my mind slowly drifts to the simpler times in my life when I could throw open the door, grab my vest and jump on my trusty old ’52 Hyrda glide and cruise from Phoenix to San Diego. Gas was at thirty-five cents a gallon and Happy Hour at Fred’s was 10 fer a buck.

My mind slowly moves to the 2015 CMC065 ride to Sturgis…. Oh yes, this could be a chance to relive those days. A group of close friends, the thunder of the bikes and long open roads ahead before we make our way to the Chip and the activities that are laid before us.

This will be number 19 for me, and probably my last kick at the cat before I make my final exit. I look forward to sharing my stories, experience and knowledge with the members of my riding family and to enjoy this ride as one of those “simpler days”. Jump on the new breed of Glides and ride to Devil’s Tower or to Wall. Take in the sounds of ZZ or just the calm before the storm.

Not real sure where this is taking me, but I do know one thing for sure….. this dream is far nicer than the work sitting on my desk that needs attention. Damn, reality just kicked back in, guess I had better get back to the budgets, spreadsheets and numbers. Where did that simple life just go?

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Count me in for that 2015 Sturgis Ride...or anytime for that matter.


From a British Columbia and Ontario perspective, it would be the ultimate Meet in The Middle ride.


Heck, I would even ride to the west coast and loop back through Sturgis for a truly grand adventure! :)

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