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CMC Circa 2013 A.D.



December 31st - The last day of 2013, signalling the end of another year. Some of us have just had their electricity turned back on after almost a full week of weather related outages in the GTA and Southern Ontario region.

It sucks being cold. I am not just saying this because I hail from a tropical island (ok, maybe a little), but having chosen to live in Canada, it is incumbent on me not to give into complaining. After all, Canada is a fantastic place to live and get connected on all sorts of levels!

Our country offers freedoms and opportunities that all of us have taken for granted at one time or another. But I want to focus on one aspect of Canadian priviledge that we seldom seem to consider.

Just being Canadian.

Sure, many have tried to qualify and quantify what it means to be Canadian, but have we taken the time to realize that it's the sum of the parts of who we are; where we live; what we do; that make up the whole of our identity?

I had mentioned in a previous post that the CMC is a microcosm of Canada; sort of a two-wheeled diorama of leather-clad individuals, that somehow lends itself to defining who we are collectively and individually. These are just my impressions of course, and in no way should be construed as representing the majority of the collective CMC thinking.

Here are a just few elements of individuality that makes CMC so unique; and I daresay, so Canadian:

  • Shoe’s (Glenn) trucking photos of his cross-border travels. Canadiana at its finest.
  • CenCom’s (Mary) faithful birthday greetings. CMC’s Loving Grandma for sure :)
  • Trixie’s (Amanda) courageous discourse on Aspergers Syndrome and how it affects her family. Also her penchant for jumping on the Choo Shoe train with stops at Louboutin, Vuitton and Blahnik :)
  • Baby Jack’s (Jacqui) skillful care and passionate commitment to our environment and food sources.
  • Grizzz (Mike) - one of CMC’s west coast Regional Officers who single-mindedly juggles work and home life, while at the same time demonstrating unique cheerleading characteristics of leadership on the forum.
  • Fireden (Dennis) - our National Officer who brings balance to the force of personalities that make up the living CMC organism.
  • Irma - our Membership Coordinator who is the first contact and introduction to CMC for all new members. She would probably say otherwise, but look up CMC in the dictionary and you will see a picture of Irma. :)
  • Ron’s (Morissette) excellent representation via video and radio on what CMC is all about.

There are many more like those mentioned above. All of you, yes even those with differing opinions, share in the common values that make us CMC Members. Whether we ride or just have a passion for motorcycles; what is important are the people who make up our Trans-Canadian community.

My prayer for 2014 is that we learn from our mistakes; we become stronger in spite of our differences and we demonstrate what it means to unconditionally accept each other; yes, with imperfections, idiosyncrasies and all.

Isn't that what family is all about? :)

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Indeed. Well said. I share you sentiments. Looking forward to the 2014 riding season. Keep'm coming.


CMC 011, Road Captain

aka Bruce.

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Thanks Bruce. Definitely looking forward to what this new year brings as well.

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Stafford, I really appreciate what you said and want to highlight the "Irma Factor"!  You're so right about her being the face of the CMC in many ways. I liken her to the receptionist of many organizations we've all dealt with. Isn't it amazing how that first contact sets up your initial feeling of the organization? I know a few school secretaries who instantly make you feel like "this is a good place"; many others who cause people to shake in their boots a bit. Irma has helped many, myself included, recognize that "this is a good place!" 

Best to all in the new year!

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Hey Stafford-as an import myself I can definitely attest to Canada being a great place to live. We just have to replace hockey with cricket as our national obsession and the world would be perfect !! Don't disappoint me and tell me you're not a cricket fan ! you must be coming from there.

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I Love Cricket! Even more so when I actually get to play it. :) But given my built-in allergic reaction to all types of pain, it is probably better that we not risk being charged with treason for attempting to prematurely replace Canada's national sport. At least not yet. Canada is still a young country; there is time yet to influence the masses! :D

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