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Help For a Family in Need

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Friends and biking family. Please help a VET:  Shaun was in the English Navy for 25 years and even served in Desert Storm


My cousin Val and her husband, Shaun, daughter Georgia and Ryan are desperately needing financial help.


In January, Ryan was finally diagnosed with cancer after the doctors couldn't figure out why he had turned yellow. In September they thought the cancer was behind them and Shaun proved to be a perfect match to donate a kidney to Ryan. Just this past week, they found that the cancer has returned. This means more time in Sick Kids in Toronto with Val and Shaun not being able to work full-time.


Not only will Ryan need a kidney transplant but most likely a liver as well. WHAT I'M ASKING IS, if anyone could spare $5 or $10 this amazing family could certainly use the assistance as they will be selling their house in the spring to cover the medical expenses. PLEASE HELP ME HELP THEM. You can make an e-transfer donation to my email islandpeople@telus.net as I will be forwarding funds to the family.


I've put a picture on my FB page 


Thank you for reading this rather long email


Pam Wilson

Nanaimo 008




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