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CMC024 Twist Your Wrist for a Childrens Wish

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CMC024 are proud of another successful fundraiser for the Children's Wish Foundation for 2014. A one day ride with about 70 bikes raised a total of $20,200. We even make the local Newspaper. The ride is organized, sponsored, and ran by CMC024. We are happy to have support of many other local bike groups and riders. You would be surprised how a small group of volunteers supported by other members of the CMC could pull this off. We do and it may be something other CMC Chapters could look at organizing for 2015. Twist Your Wrist is a ride every chapter who may be interested in could hold. We have the logo, web site for sponsor, sponsor sheets, pledge forms, and everything else you need to get started. Keeping in mind we do this for one reason. So some fantastic children can have a wish granted to build memory's and give themselves and their families a break from the health issues that have to deal with on a daily basis. A great cause. 


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