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Sadly we retire #90050 for Bill Ingraham


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Sadly we retire #90050 for Bill Ingraham of Cambridge who has lost his battle with cancer


Our condolences to Bill's family and friends



posted by Nancie, 1st Officer of CMC090 Cambridge



Bill's rowing career







Cambridge’s Bill Ingraham, 69, was world-class rower

Bill Ingraham, who won six world rowing titles and 13 Canadian championships, died Friday in Cambridge.
By Liz Monteiro
CAMBRIDGE — Even while in hospital and given only a few months to live, Bill Ingraham was walking the stairs to get in his cardio for the day.

He wanted to be good to his body even if, inside, a malignant tumour was eating away at it.

Ingraham, a former world champion masters rower, died of a rare duodenal cancer on Friday at his Cambridge home. He was 69.

"I don't know anyone who was more focused or driven than him. What he applied to rowing, he applied to his life," said his wife, Deborah.

"You work hard and you will do a good job. He really believed it," she said.

Ingraham was diagnosed with cancer in September after feeling pains in his stomach, Deborah said.

He had surgery but was too weak for chemotherapy. In a few months, he lost 35 pounds.

He came home in December.

"He fought right to the end. He was in such good shape. He wanted to live," said his wife of nearly 20 years.

Deborah credits his lifelong exercise regimen with giving him the strength to fight as long as he did. He worked out every day, lifting weights at the gym, running and even doing push-ups during his lunch hour at the Grand Valley Institute for Women in Kitchener, where he worked as a commissionaire.

Ingraham's passion for exercise stemmed from the many years he focused on his passion for rowing.

He got involved with the sport around the age of 30, but rowing wasn't new to him. His father, Ronald Ingraham was a 1920s-era sculling champion whose rowing career spanned 40 years.

His father would become his mentor. Bill won his first world title in Miami in 1991, just weeks after his father's death.

He would go on to win six world titles, 13 Canadian championships, 14 Royal Canadian Henley Regatta championships and 6 U.S. national championships.

His last competitive race was in 2010.

"He always went to win," said Deborah.

Bill went on to start the Cambridge Rowing Club, along with longtime friend Dr. Bruce Holliday, who died in 2010.

For three weeks last summer, the Ingrahams travelled the historic Route 66, also known as Main Street of America. Bill was on motorcycle and Deborah followed behind in their car.

"It was on Bill's bucket list," she said.

When they returned home, Bill would rave about the 8,000-kilometre trip, loving the mountains in Utah and Colorado.

"It was breathtaking," she said. "Little did we know how important it was going to be. It was so critical."

Ingraham is survived by his wife, a daughter Linda, 47, and 43-year-old son, Alan. He had one grandchild.
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