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  2. You are the Head Ruffian! Of course!!!!! I have proof......
  3. I forget am I Riff or Raff? Congrats Em
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  5. Condolences to her Family and Friends and the 020, RIP.
  6. Very sorry about this sad news.
  7. I was very sorry to hear this about Shelley! My sincere Sympathies and Condolences to her Family and Friends and the 020!😢
  8. Don't know how I missed this. This would be an interesting (ad)venture to participate in. Although given I have never raced on a track before, I am not sure just how well my performance would be. I just may look into this for next Summer.
  9. Still feeling such a huge sense of loss ... can't imagine how you in the 020 are feeling!! Sincere, heartfelt condolences
  10. Sadly we retire #20051 for Shelley Jorgensen who passed away Nov 30th. Our deepest condolences to all her family, including Mark and Carol, and all her friends. posted in 020 Kawartha Lakes https://www.cmcnational.ca/forums/topic/40227-the-passing-of-020-member-shelly-shelby/?tab=comments#comment-198672
  11. There's a huge hole left in 094 without Donna. She will be with us in our memories on every ride.
  12. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/autos/autosmotorcycles/design-your-own-custom-painted-motorcycle-helmet-with-bell/ar-BBPFXr4?li=AAggFp0&ocid=mailsignout CMG Staff Bell Powersports is once again innovating in the custom motorcycle helmet scene by starting a program that allows customers to design their own helmet paint job. For a while now, Bell has been at the forefront of helmet customization, previously debuting a custom-fit helmet system back in 2014. This new custom design program isn’t exactly enabling a free-for-all; you can’t upload your own favourite saucy jpeg and have Bell print it on a helmet for you. Instead, Bell lays out the process as follows: Step 1: Choose a base design to customize. Step 2: Customize your individual helmet design. Step 3: Be sure to fully explore all your color options! Choose your first, second, third, and even fourth color. Step 4: Optional — add your signature. Step 5: Choose your size, add to cart, and checkout! Once you’ve got your design figured out and paid for, Bell employees hand-paint the helmet and ship it to you. That’s definitely a cool, custom touch. Right now, the helmet customization is available for the Bullitt, Custom 500, Moto-3 and Star MIPS helmets. From what we can figure, the customization will add $200 US to the price of the helmet.
  13. My Condolences to Donna’s Family and Friends!?
  14. Our sympathy and prayers for Donna’s family and friends at this sad time. Mike and Mary
  15. Condolences to Donna's family and friends.
  16. Duffer

    CMC 093 November Breakfast

    That time of year bikers dislike - the bikes are all tucked away for their winter nap; riding gear is all put away and the winter "PMS" is upon us.Better idea- let's meet for breakfast! Rocky Mountain House, 409 Stewart St., Renfrew, ON
  17. Sadly we retire #94125 for Donna Ton who passed away on September 29, 2018. Our deepest sympathies to Donna's family and friends.
  18. Condolences to Larry's family and friends.
  19. Our condolences to Larry “Big Dog” Brigley’s family and friends.
  20. Sadly we retire #94069 who passed away on October 2nd. Our condolences to Larry's family and friends -Irma On October 2, 2018, Larry Brigley (Loscombe) "Big Dog", age 56 of Scugog, passed away peacefully surrounded by family at The Port Perry Hospital, after a long and courageous fight with Liver & Esophageal Cancer. Larry will be lovingly missed by his mother, Barbara Brigley and his sister, Shelley Wilbur (Scott Wilbur) along with his daughters, Kim Brigley-Rahme (Jay Rahme) and Robyn Brigley (Michael Jordan), and his nephew Curtis Hughes (Ashley, Rhys & Blythe Hughes), as well as Larry's favourite person on earth, his grandson Abrium Brigley. Larry worked for many years as a truck driver, starting at T.H. Forsythe Haulage with his Father Lawrence Brigley (Deceased). Larry then found his work family in his home town of Port Perry, working for Fred Shepstone of Shepstone Haulage. He retired from Shepstone Haulage, after 19 years in May 2017, due to his condition. Many thanks to Port Perry & Oshawa Hospitals, Dr. Amanda Pawley & Dr. Jeffrey Rothenstein, as well as all of his amazing nurses. Larry's care was second to none.
  21. Very sorry for your loss and deepest condolences to the Terry family and friends. From all of us here at 092 Haliburton Highlands chapter.
  22. Thanks! The web page link has been taken off. -Irma
  23. CMC chapter 088 , The County doesn't have a web page anymore but we do have a Facebook page. Thanks
  24. Condolences to Marilyn’s families and friends .
  25. Our sympathy to Marilyn’s families and friends. Mike and Mary
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