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  2. Wow looks like you had a good trip. I especially love the collage - each time I look at it I see more!
  3. I am almost ashamed to say this has been my most significant ride in several years. Too long have I hidden behind the excuse of being too busy, but I have taken steps to rectify that. In the past 3 days, I completed a round trip through Central Ontario covering just under a 1000 km between Ottawa and Collingwood. Awesome weather (yes, including rain - this is Canada after all), so I had a great time. Here are a few random sights and sounds taken during the trip. https://res.cloudinary.com/cynapz/video/upload/v1560262287/CMC/thorbury.movhttps://res.cloudinary.com/cynapz/video/upload/v1560262287/CMC/thorbury.mo
  4. MEMORIES OF RIDING WITH MY WIFE (For my wife, Heather aka SunShine, Inspired by another biker's essay) A while back, we bought a comfy touring bike for a life we wanted to share together. One day when I am very old and when I cannot walk anymore, I'll know it is there in my garage as a trophy of all the beautiful memories we built riding together. We met people who taught us things, had the same spirit as we did and we also met others that we were glad to forget. We got wet, we felt cold, we felt warm and at times we were afraid, We fell and then we stood up and sometimes we even got hurt. But also, we laughed out loud over the intercom in our helmets as the world passed by. We spoke a thousand times about a thousand of life's little things with each other. Nobody but us hearing our sometimes long conversations of our hearts. I sometimes sang, shouted with joy like a madman and she would laugh at me lovingly. And yes ... sometimes we even cried together. As a couple, we have seen wonderful places and lived unforgettable experiences. On occasion, we made curves that even sport bikers would be proud of; other times we made curves full of terror, but we made them. We stopped a thousand times to see a landscape and marvel at the world we lived in. We spoke with perfect strangers, and sometimes we forgot people we see every day. Together we learned through gestures to communicate with other riders. We went out on our road trips with our demons inside and almost always returned home with a feeling of absolute peace in our hearts. We always thought how dangerous it is, knowing that the meaning of courage is to advance even feeling fear and so would not let fear rule our lives. Every time I go up to our machine I think how wonderful it is and what it gave to us. I stopped talking about it to those who do not understand, (they just do not understand). We spent money that we did not have, giving up many things, but all these things are not worth even a moment of the time I had with my wife as she rode with me. It is not just a means of transport or a piece of iron with wheels, it is the connection to a lost part of my soul and spirit that left me when God took her home. And when someone says to me: "You have to sell the bike and you have to be a more serious person", ... I do not answer. I just swing my leg over the saddle and smile. Me getting back on, OUR bike... only the person who loved me most will understand it. We had that kind of love you wish on others, the kind you're lucky to find these days. I can feel her there with me on that machine, as I roll out onto the street, I know we will be together again someday and that she can tell OUR adventures will continue till then. Pierre Cloutier (aka SlowRide)
  5. I am grateful for all the kind words and support my family was shown during this hard time. To all of you who responded to this and other posts announcing Heather's passing, up to the group of CMC brothers and sisters who came to witness her memorial. It was a beautiful thing you all did for us and I know she felt the love you gave to us. I will not forget it. Thank you, Pierre
  6. Lucky Mission

    CMC 071 Mission /Cascade Lookout

    We meet at Tim Horton at 9h30 am Cascade Lookout, 330 - 350 km totals Highway 3, Manning Park, BC The view is spectacular, bring your camera. we will stop along the ride to stretch, I suggest you bring a snack and some water with you.
  7. Lucky Mission

    CMC 071 Mission

    Welcome to all of you. I invite you to join us for a coffee and a ride. we meet for a coffee around 6h30 pm and we start the ride at 7h15 pm We will meet in Mission on Thursday at the Tim Horton, 32525 London Ave, Mission, BC. See you there, Robert "Lucky" Higgins 1st Officer / Road Captain CMC 071 - Mission We will also meet on Saturday for a full day ride. look at the calendar for more info.
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  9. Zoomie

    Port Alberni Ride

    Hey all, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to complete the road captain training with 008. Weather permitting I would like to lead a ride this coming Sunday out to Port Alberni. Meet at the Northfield Esso at 9:30, KSU at 10. We'll take the ocean side route through Qualicum Beach, over to Highway 4 with a lunch stop in Port Alberni at the Victoria Quay. There is the clam bucket family restaurant across the street ( http://www.clambucket.ca/menu/ ) or a subway a couple blocks away along with the benches and picnic tables over looking the river at the Quay.After lunch we'll return via 4 and 4a through Combs and the Parkway ending the ride at Chapters most likely somewhere around 3:00pm.Hope to see you all out there.Tim 065
  10. Sorry to hear this, my Condolences to Guy and their Family!😢
  11. Condolences to Guy and the family.
  12. Sadly we retire #16081 for Pam Clifford. Our deepest condolences to Guy and all their family and friends. posted in 016 Sarnia https://www.cmcnational.ca/forums/topic/41314-sadly-we-retire-16081-pam-clifford/?tab=comments#comment-202189
  13. Lucky Mission

    Tri-Cities Motorcycle Challenge

    Tri-Cities Motorcycle Challenge We will meet at 9am in Mission. the Challenge start at 10am until 2pm. for more info about the challenge you can read it at https://portmoodypolice.ca/2019-tri-cities-motorcycle-challenge
  14. Lucky Mission

    Ride for the fallen

    9th Annual C.A.V. Memorial Ride for the Fallen we will meet in Mission at 8h45 am and ride to Vancouver for Registration. the registration start at 9h30 am and the ride start at 11am. Poker Run Stops Finish with a Barbeque and Brief Ceremony at Port Kells Park 50/50 Raffle All Day Limited Run of T-shirts Available
  15. Lucky Mission

    Loop USA and Canada

    We will meet at 9am to in Mission and will cross the border and ride across the Mountain and stay overnight at Omak, WA The next day we cross the border back to Canada at Osoyoos and back to Mission. I got 3 rooms reserved so if you want one you can contact me for details before there all gone. I got one room with 2 queens bed for $105.79 taxe incl and breakfast; King size bed for $84.30 taxe incl with breakfast I reserved at Omak Inn. 912 Koala Drive, Omak, WA 98841, Phone: +1509-826-3822
  16. Lucky Mission

    Anacortes Oyster Run

    We leave Mission to meet with other chapter to ride together to Anacostes. More info to come
  17. Lucky Mission

    Trip to Vancouver Island for 2 days

    We Leave Mission at 7am. We will leave Mission and go get the ferry at horseshoe bay to Nanaimo. We will ride North to Port Hardy and back to Campbell River for the night. the next day we will ride West across the Island to tour along the West Cost to Port Renfrew from there will go Victoria and to Swartz Bay for the Ferry heading back to Mission. if you have any question feel free to ask. please let me know if you like to join me on that trip. I want to reserve some room thanks Robert H https://goo.gl/maps/gYjTpHLiDgb6m99P8 I payed for 3 room. you got one room for 2 one bed $98.60 Taxe incl; and one room for 4 with 2 beds $110.20 taxe Incl so if you want a room reserve it with me. they got on more room free but busy time. the motel is nice and good price for the season. you can look at the motel Campbell River Lodge by Riverside
  18. Lucky Mission

    CMC 071 Mission \ passport

    We leave Mission at 10am and ride to Mt Baker (Artist Point) and return to Mission around 4pm Make sure you got your passport with you.
  19. So very sorry to hear of Heather's passing. My condolences to Pierre and family.
  20. Lucky Mission

    CMC 071

    Mission to Squamish, BC. We leave Mission at 10 and have Lunch in Squamish and back to Mission.
  21. Lucky Mission

    Ride around the Valley

    We will ride from Mission to North Vancouver , Surrey, and Hope to finish in Mission.
  22. Lucky Mission

    Ride around the Valley \ Cancel due to bad weather

    Cancel due to bad weather. We will ride from Mission to North Vancouver , Surrey, and Hope to finish in Mission.
  23. Dozer 050

    Weekly Meet and Greet

    Around 18:00
  24. Our sympathy and prayers to Pierre and family and friends of Heather “SunShine” at this very sad time. Her great memory’s live on through you. Mike and Mary
  25. So very sorry to hear of Heather's passing. My condolences and sympathies to Pierre and family.
  26. Very sorry to hear this, my Condolences to Pierre and his Family! 😢
  27. Sadly we retire #50010 for Heather Cloutier. Our deepest condolences to her husband Pierre, their family and friends. A message from Pierre that he would like to share: My wife Heather died early Saturday morning of a massive heart attack. I would like to have her added to the CMC list of fallen members. Her rider handle was "SunShine" and she lived up to the name. She became a member of CMC late in 2008 when we were with 003 Mississauga. She moved with me to 057 Georgina in 2011. Was my greatest supporter when we tried to establish 097 Stouffville and moved with me one last time to 050 Durham in 2018. She was a loving wife, mother of two and loyal friend to anyone who came to her with an open heart. You would be hard pressed to find a gentler soul than her. She leaves behind only wonderful memories for those that knew and loved her. Her memorial service will be in the O'Neill Funeral Home located in Stouffville, Saturday June 1st at 11:00 AM. Her beautiful smile will be missed.
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