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    Apr 13, 2018 02:00 AM      04:00 AM

    This event repeats every week on Thursday until 04/28/2018

    It is time to  hit the road. 
    This is what you can expect for 2018
    Each week we will meet for a coffee at Tim Horton to welcome new riders, plan event and  go for a ride if the weather is nice.
    When the sun is out expect riding and hit the road no later then 7:20 pm. so  get there earlier if you  want to  eat or  a coffee
    The 2nd and 4th weekend of the month we will have a full day ride.  and will  have 2 overnight. 
    We will meet in Mission  on the Thursday from 7pm to 9pm. at the Tim Horton, 32525 London Ave, Mission, BC. 
    See you there,   Robert "Lucky" Higgins 1st Officer /  Road Captain CMC 071 - Mission    

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