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By DUNNER, 05/05/2020

As we navigate through the Covid19 waters in Canada...the CMC needs to be prepared for life as we come out of Lockdown...So the following guidelines are to be utilized by each province as we come out of this crisis.

All guidelines are based on the rules set out by the federal, provincial, and municipal authorities in your area and your National Board Members.


1.Official CMC meet and greets are not permitted until the government social distancing guidelines allow it...ie: if guidelines say 10 folks can congregate if maintaining social distance practices then our meet n greets can commence while maintaining safe practice of social distancing. 

The Madison may be worn at Meet n Greets....regardless if a ride occurs or not. Inevitably each member will self determine when and where they are comfortable enough with the guidelines to maintain safety for his or her own family. 


2.When YOUR province IS allowed to socialize by X numbers we will have the same limits. 

ie: when Groups of 5 are permitted then 5 riders. Groups of 10 then 10 riders and so on.


3.When following the x numbers listed in number 1. Madison's may be permitted to be worn.


4.If the group that gathers for an official CMC ride is larger than the provincial laws will allow, then the group will be broke up into smaller groups to live within the guidelines. While standing around prior to the ride and at the destination the groups gathered can not exceed 10 people. 

4.1 during the ride... groups can consist of more than 10 however social distanced staggered formation must be maintained during rides ie: do not wait at a stop light side by side...utilize back tire to front tire spacing.   


7.Members and guests  will be encouraged to wear a mask if they have one, during all stops. This can be a home made, surgical, washable, bandanna, or a biker buff. 


8.If an official CMC ride is longer and the group needs to stop for food or washroom facilities...It is recommended to call ahead to a business and assure food service and washrooms are available prior to arrival.If no food or services are available it might be a good suggestion to pack a lunch...This way the ride can stop in a more isolated location with less people around. Supporting the restaurants and diners is going to be important in the coming months...just make sure you plan ahead. 


9.We ask that all riders try to have and use hand sanitizer on a regular basis during rides and gatherings.


10.Now this is the hard one. While we are under the Covid-19 guidelines we ask our members to refrain from hugging, shaking hands, or any personal contact. 


11.Wearing the Madison is permitted as long as the guidelines are being adhered to...but only when provincial guidelines allow it.


These guidelines are being put forward by your national board members...we have all had input into this outline and we feel we have come up with a fair plan to allow us to come out of the Covid19 crisis with as little negative impact upon the CMC as a whole as possible.


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