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  2. Wow, I'm a little slow reading the news. Was talking to you briefly yesterday and didn't have a clue about You are an extremely fair, even keeled kind of guy, so a perfect mix for handling dispute resolutions and applying healthy doses of common-sense to issues in this new role. Congrats Dave!
  3. Well done on the video Ian... really captures the rally and you can see that everyone is having a great time.
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  5. All your work with CMC Gear is much appreciated Dennis and Sherry! The pension plan for that is the same amount as the retiring NO gets LoL. Enjoy your vacation and your retirement Thank you Dave and Lorrie for taking on this for CMC! -Irma
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  7. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors Dennis, and a very big THANK-YOU to both you and Sherry for all that you've done for the CMC over the years.
  8. As always Ian , very nicely done . It was a fantastic weekend . Now Angie can see what it was all about .
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  10. Congrats on the new position
  11. Thank you Dennis and Sherry for all the time and work you have put into making our club run the so great! All the best to both of you.
  12. Dennis when you took on these volunteer roles you were very aware of the Good, Bad and Ugly. You had no idea it would turn as Obnoxious as dealing with a terminated member filing a claim against the general membership. You deserve to have your life re-established to the fundamentals of this riding group. I will continue to share in the friendship that I have developed with you & Sherry and look forward to the life long memories we create. Irish
  13. Great to see these videos! This one is great. Thankyou for sharing. 😀
  14. Really enjoyed this video. Thanks so much for making it and sharing it. Gerry
  15. Thanks for the Memories Ian, seeing as I had to leave Sunday morning before the fun started and was Great to see everyone having fun' Thats what CMC is all about!
  16. 11th National Rally Coombs BC, was held at the Coombs Rodeo Grounds a couple of weekends ago this is my video of what took place. I could only cover so much, I hope you like it. Please do not share this video outside the CMC hopefully this will bring back some smiles and good stories .. thanks to the 008 for putting together a great rally
  17. Phone number listed there is now for a cleaning company in Kitchener.
  18. I like it.
  19. Like everyone else has stated Dennis you have done an excellent job in bringing the CMC to where it is today. Thanks also to Sherry for all she has done for this riding club as well. Congratulations to Dennis Biggy D. on becoming the new National Officer and to Dunner for stepping up as Southwestern Regional Officer.
  20. I know lol
  21. Its all good Irma, just playing with ya. JB
  22. Sorry Jason LoL I'm not in charge of announcements, a little birdie just tipped me off that things were all but official -Irma
  23. Dennis, Thanks for a job well done, we rode many miles together, shared a lot of good times and some bad but I always had the utmost respect for your honesty and leadership and for everything you did for CMC. I will always cherish the friendship I have with you and Sherry. Take some time now for yourselves and enjoy life to the fullest, Thanks again for everything you and Sherry have done. Thanks Den for stepping up I am sure you will do a great job.
  24. Your idea of very soon and my idea of very soon are very far
  25. Dennis and Den, I would like to second our #3 Paul TooTall's comments. All the best to both of you. Cheers Andrew
  26. On behalf of the 079 York Region, Thanks Den for stepping up and taking on this role. We wish you all the best.
  27. Dennis and Sherry, on behalf of the 079 in York Region, thanks for your service to the CMC. We know at times being a leader can be rewarding and at times it can be a thankless position to hold. We hope it has been for the most part rewarding. Either way, know your work and dedication has been appreciated. Enjoy retirement!
  28. Congratulations Dave.
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