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    Slight change to THURSDAY for this M&G only.Short ride and coffee/ice cream following.Please arrive with empty bladder and full tank Tim Horton's 11 Robinson Lane, Pembroke
  4. XL Golf Shirts and XL Men's Black Long Sleeve are now back in stock, order yours today, sorry for the delay in getting back in stock.
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  6. Modern looking, comfortable and rugged boots cover all the bases and are absolutely waterproof. Click here to view the full article
  7. I'm going to say, I'll put on 17,000km this season 🏍💨
  8. Motorcycle Ride for Dad! Additional information below. Confirmation: We have VIP parking! I will set up an event page in the next few days with all info pertaining to the ride and any additional photo. I will ask that you please confirm your attendance so I can let the event co-ordinator know how much space to give us. Team fundraising: I've been asked about this before in the past, so I've looked into it. I did start a team page under the name of "Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers" and any one can join. You must register online and ask to join the team. All donations raised by yourself will be associated to you and your Captain Club membership (if applicable) but the running tally will be of everyone within the group. You can click on the link in my signature below to go to my page, click on "Join Christine's Team" or simply go to and click on "Join a team". If you register as an individual first, you will not be able to join the team unless you send an email to the organization. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask See you all on June 3rd
  9. New helmet from Shoei at a slightly more reasonable price pretty much does it all. Click here to view the full article
  10. Fantastic information, are there other secrets for the 1300 v stars that you know about too?
  11. Welcome Rob Jarrett on your transfer from CMC 011 Ottawa to CMC 096 Renfrew!
  12. Welcome - you'll enjoy 096
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  14. 096 would like to welcome rob jarrett he is being transferred from 011. Welcome
  15. Motorcycle Ride for Dad! Mark your calendars for a great ride when: June 3rd where: SportsWorld Crossing, Kitchener cause: Prostate cancer research As many of you may know, this is the one and only ride where I actively fundraise. I've been participating in this event for over 8 years and I keep looking forward to another great ride. I have reached out to reserve our VIP parking and I am waiting for a reply regarding registering all of our fundraising efforts into one team. When we get closer to the event, I will post a location and time where we can all meet up and ride in together. If you are unable to attend, but would like to donate, here is a link to donate online, or send me a message and we can meet in person
  16. I'm in! Starting with 52,800 Kms and looking to add 21,575 Kms this season...
  17. I'm riding 2 bikes this season, but only one at a time. I expect to add 50,000 kms to their combined total, so 654,504 on Dec 1.
  18. Basic over pants are waterproof and have a slim fit compared to other brands. Click here to view the full article
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    Hey everyone petes sales and service in petawawa having their NnuL show and shine with new and used motorcycles atv and Canada parts rep will be there and cmc 096 is hosting the barbecue for yogi burgers with all proceeds going to emily ride on the 27 th of may. Emily will also be there for everyone to meet. Raffletable prozes and draws as well. Hope to see you all there
  20. I hope to ride 15,385 km before the next picture that should show 61,896 km or close, my start is 46511 km
  21. Sadly we retire #50069 for Keith Hill of Oshawa, ON Our deepest sympathies to Keith's family and friends, Irma posted in the 050 forum
  22. I'm in. Best guess is about 17,148 this season.
  23. I'lI go with adding 31650 for the season
  24. Is there a better mid-range adventure-touring 3/4-length jacket? Probably not. Click here to view the full article
  25. I'll take a WAG at 32,700 km this year.
  26. Okay, hope it works this time! I predict my mileage will be 187000 at the end of the season......whoop, whoop!
  27. CMC 016 Sarnia, 4th Annual Poker Run Run starts at Vidal St Tim Hortons with registration beginning at 10 a.m. Cost is $20 which covers BBQ, poker run and door prize ticket. Cash prize for best poker hand. Organized by Tricia (Giggles) Any part subject to change closer to the event ie. time, location, cost
  28. Victoria Day Long Weekend No Scheduled Ride
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